Why you should plan a road trip across America

A road trip across America is one of the bucket list points for people who love road tripping. This is a land of opportunities, diversity, and culture. Planing a successful road trip can be a hard and time-consuming thing to do but when it’s done properly it’s all worth it. A good road trip can transform your life, give you life experiences. On a trip like that, you meet great people, eat delicious food, and discover great places.

Why you should plan a road trip across America

In this article, we hope to give you all the information about why planning a road trip across America is a life-changing experience and some of the key parts you shouldn’t forget. But before that, here are some reasons why you should plan a road trip across America:

  • See a lot of paces at once in a short amount of time;
  • Create unforgettable memories;
  • Explore nature;
  • Meet new people;
  • Eat delicious food;
  • Discover yourself and/or your companions on a road trip;
  • Listen to loads of music;
  • Relatively cheap way to travel;

Now let’s get back to the tips for planning your cross-country road trip.

Do the research

Before starting this epic life-changing experience you should definitely do some research. Don’t get me wrong, spontaneity is the major contributing factor to a great road trip but generally, it’s always better to know the rough plan beforehand (or detailed if you prefer that way).

We think that research should be conducted towards main locations and sightseeings you want to see, about the roads, the prices of specific roads, food, places to stay (if you choose to stay at hotels, motels, Airbnbs or similar places) and so on. It’s better to have an understanding of your trip.

Choose the right means of transportation

After doing research, the second most important part is to choose the mean of transportation. Some people may choose to incorporate some time for hitchhiking. In terms of safety, this may not be the safest way to get by, but in terms of experience, it’s great. You get to communicate with different people, learn about specific places and communities from locals, and probably the best part of it, it’s free and you get to save some money.

Another way to a road trip is to rent a camper van. These automobiles have everything, a bed, bathroom, even a kitchen, and a dining area. A lot of people love choosing these vans because this enables them to save money on living expenses. 

The other way to travel is by your own car or rented car. This gives you safety while traveling and you can choose to sleep in your car or consider staying somewhere else, which brings us to our next point.


There are several general places you can stay when you are on a road trip. As we have discussed earlier you can choose to hire a camper van, or a car and choose to stay there, but there are other options. Some people prefer staying in hotels, motels, Airbnbs, or even couch-surf.

Obviously, Couchsurfing is the cheapest of all and can be really enjoyable. You get to know your host, experience new people, communicate and discover your similarities or differences. It’s fantastic but you should always do your research, and choose a trusted host.


To conclude, a cross-country road trip across America is a very exciting experience that a lot of people dream about. If you have any concerns about some aspects of your journey do your research, ask questions to the people that have done it before, and most importantly be courageous.

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