How to Deal With Conflict Within Your Team

Conflict arises between two people when there is a disagreement between them on a concept or rule. Whenever a team is set up for a project, and the discussion begins, there is a chance of conflict. If you are in such a situation and are worried about how to deal with conflict within your team, we have some tips for you.

How to Deal With Conflict Within Your Team

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How to Deal with Conflict Within a Team as a Manager-5 Amazing Tips

  1. Don’t Ignore

Ignoring the conflict within the team is a grave mistake that can worsen things in the long run. It is recommended to face the issue and resolve it as soon as you know about it. Don’t take the responsibility of resolution on you. Give your conflicting team members some time to cool down and rethink the situation.  Encourage them to resolve the issue between them without the involvement of a third person. They are mature human beings and must know how to overcome team conflict. 

If they don’t seem to resolve the conflict themselves, now is your turn to take the reins in your hands. 

  1. Listen to the Issue

The first step towards resolving the team conflict is to listen to the entire issue. Some studies show that talking to both members separately rather than in front of each other is better to know their perspectives for the first time. The miscommunication, lack of confirmation, or no information are reasons for conflicts not getting resolved. Also, talk to the other team members or the people around when the conflict occurred. Talking to them will clear the real picture and help you reach the solution faster. 

  1. Discuss the Matter

Talking about something is the same as confronting the situation, and the discussion helps solve the issues better. Decide a commonplace away from the office crowd or team members, and invite your conflicting team members to meet you at that place. Start your discussion with an open mind, and let both parties talk one by one. Don’t interrupt any of them. Listen to both sides and let one finish before allowing the other to start. When both of them are done, summarize the incident in front of them to ensure that you interpreted it right. 

  1. Stay Neutral

Now that you have listened to both parties, keep your calm and stay neutral. Don’t jump to a conclusion right away. Rethink about the situation; recall what the other team members had told you. Meanwhile, let the conflicting members confront each other. Maybe one of them was having a bad day or going through something in their personal life that became the cause of their rude behavior. 80% of the time, confrontation breaks the ice, and the issue gets resolved. If they approach you during the discussion, give them honest feedback. Being your team members, both must be equal to you, and taking the wrong side might hurt another. 

  1. Come up With Solution

After clearing the true picture, the next step is to resolve the conflict. You need to have a calm, convincing, yet impactful tone. Remember, no two people are the same. Members of one team come from different mindsets, backgrounds, and thoughts. Even if your favorite of the two is wrong this time, encourage them to apologize and move on. If both seem right on their part, come up with a solution that favors the company or the project they are working on. Put them in a situation again where they have to work together on a task. Encourage them to embrace their opinions, do what goes well for the project, and learn to work together. 

The Take-away

Not every team member can have the same thought process and opinion about the situation. The conflict between any two of them is inevitable. You should know how to deal with a conflict within a team. Listen to them and the other involved entities. Let them confront each other alone or in your presence. Give an unbiased solution and encourage them to move on by embracing the differences.

You are welcome to add some more tips on dealing with a conflict within your team. Also, write to us if you have faced such a situation and tell us how you got along.

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