How To Make New Friends As An Adult

It is never easy to make new friends as an adult. When we are children, and even teenagers, it is so much easier to find people and become friends. As you get older your priorities change, and you aren’t necessarily focused on making new friends or maintaining the relationships you have with your existing friends. As a result of this, adults tend to see their friend circle shrink lower and lower.

How To Make New Friends As An Adult

If you get to a stage when you think “hey where did all my friends go?!” then it might be a good time to start to look to form new relationships. But, it then begs the question, how exactly do you make new friends as an adult? Well, if this is something you are trying to do, then have a read on below as we will list some helpful tips for making new friends.

Be Positive

It is important that your outlook on your quest to find new friends is a positive one. No one likes a negative Nelly. So, when you are in any social setting, and you feel as though a connection could be made with another individual, make sure you are positive. Talk about things that make you happy, what you like to do, and if they are on the same wavelength, then you will definitely start vibing!

Find Groups With Same Interests

We all have interests and hobbies. No matter how unique they are, you are sure to find a group of people who share the same interests and hobbies. For example, if you are a dog lover, and have a poodle, if you search on Facebook, or any other social platform, you will find that there are groups of people in your local area that have poodles. Once you have joined the group, you can go along to any of the meetups, or suggest to the group they all get together.

Say Yes

If you say yes then you will be more open to different opportunities. It is important that if you wish to make new friends, you really have to commit to the process, and this potentially means doing something you haven’t done before, or don’t quite like. Saying yes and sharing experiences with others is how you build connections, and if they continue to be positive experiences, that is how you build quality friendships.

Take Your Time

This isn’t school, where you have to spend at least 6 hours of the day, five days a week with your friends. People have a lot on their plate, so organizing activities, especially with big groups of people can take a lot of skill and the timing needs to be right. So, don’t get too upset if things don’t happen instantly. Also, you shouldn’t get too upset if you don’t hit it off with someone you just met, we can’t always get along with everyone.

Reconnect With Your Network

You have a lot of different networks, so make sure you utilize them. This could be reconnecting with someone who you went to school with, or an old colleague. Building up these types of friendships again can be a good idea, as you already have a base and some past experiences to talk about. Just remember why you lost touch in the first place, you don’t want to uncover old wounds! Take a look through your Facebook friend list, or even all your connections on LinkedIn, and make a list of people you could potentially get in touch with.

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