Important Rules of UNO That You May Not Know

Who doesn’t love to play card games? However, among card games, UNO has always been everyone’s favorite. Most people must have some sweet-sour memories with UNO. Honestly, playing UNO is full of fun and entertainment. By playing these games, it improves your brain functioning. Plus it’s a good activity to do with your family and in a way you can spend time with your family. This famous card game is played by millions of people worldwide. Matching and discarding cards until there are none is how this game is played.

Important Rules of UNO That You May Not Know

Here are the Important rules of UNO that you may not know. Let’s have a look!

Some important rules

  1. The most important thing is to shuffle the cards properly and distribute seven cards to each player when starting the game. And make sure cards are not revealed to anyone.
  2. The player sitting on the left side of the dealer will start the game.
  3. The most basic rule is that a player has to match the card on the discard pile. However, you can play a wild card and draw four cards or cards of the same color.
  4. By chance, if you do not have a card that you can use, it’s time to draw a card from the draw pile. It can be used at the moment or otherwise add it to your other cards.
  5. A player can easily use draw 2 or draw 4 cards to finish the round as the last card or final card.
  6. The player cannot play a wild draw 4 card if a colored card is present in his hands and the current colored card of the discard card matches.
  7. Moreover, it must say UNO when you are about to play your last card. By chance, they forget, and the next player draws the card so that no penalty will be applied.

Winner’s bonus points

You know what? The winner of the game is the first among all players to get 500 or more points. Basically, the card face-up value is converted into a point for the ease of the winner. Suppose there are some action cards left in the opponent’s hands so the winner will get extra bonus points. Therefore try to play high-value cards first, so the winner or your opponent doesn’t get extra points. If any of these cards, Draw-2, skip and reverse, are present in the opponent’s hands so the winner will get an extra 20 points.

RULE: Calling UNO

If you’ve ever seen a game of UNO in action, you know that players sometimes yell out “UNO.” When it comes to calling UNO, this is the rule in effect. Whenever a player reaches their second to the last card, they must declare “UNO” in order to notify the rest of the players. You must pick up four cards from the draw pile if you don’t call UNO, and someone notices before the next person plays. The person in question is safe and cannot be “found out” by other players after the following player has drawn or played a card.

Withhold a playable card

You may rely on a playable card if you don’t intend to use it for strategic reasons. This signifies that you may instead draw a card from the draw pile instead of playing the playable card. It is possible to play the card you just drew as soon as it becomes available to you. You can’t play another card from your hand if the one you’ve selected isn’t playable. A new player takes their turn instead of discarding their card.

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