Why Toronto Should be One of Your Stops When Travelling to Canada

Toronto, mistakenly called the capital of Canada by some, is the most populous city of Canada and the 4th most populous city of North America. Situated on the northwest of Lake Ontario, it is the capital and largest city of province Ontario. 

Why Toronto Should be One of Your Stops When Travelling to Canada

This article is written to uncover why Toronto should be one of your stops when traveling to Canada. Let’s begin!

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Toronto in 2022

  1. People

Visiting a new place becomes fun when people are welcoming. Toronto has a mix of many nationalities living together. Generally, they have the perception of being kind and helpful. If you bump them for help, they will go out of their way to make it happen. Torontonians are warm and will make you feel at home. 

  1. Food

Food is a necessity for some and a luxury for others. Toronto should be your next stop if you are from the latter group. With almost every cuisine available, from Asian to Russian, Italian to Turkish in its streets, your tummy would be pleased to be in Toronto. You would get all your appetite from seafood to BBQ, paratha roti to vegetable sandwiches. 

  1. Parks

Toronto is well known for its parks. Whether you like to visit beach parks, historical parks, playing parks, or waterfront parks, Toronto has got you all covered. Also, you can easily reach these parks by hopping on a subway, with most of them having designated stops. Where High Park, being the largest, can take you days to explore completely, the Toronto Islands park, on the other hand, welcomes you with its shady sittings and beautiful scenes. You can visit many other parks, each with its specialties like Sunnyside park, Christie pits, Kew park, etc. 

  1. Shopping Malls

You can satisfy your souls’ shopping alibi in Toronto as it houses quite a significant number of shopping malls. Each one is easy to reach using the subway. You can shop from big brands like Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc., to normal budget-friendly stores as per your choice. Also, most shopping malls have food courts and items to shop from kitchenware to fishing rods. Vaughan Mills, Yorkdale Shopping Centre, and Toronto Eaton Centre are some of the many shopping malls in Toronto. 

  1. Walkable

Although the city is the most populous and big, it is unexpectedly neat and clean with easy to traverse walking tracks. Whether you want to refresh your day by walking at the jogging tracks in the parks or by the roadside, Toronto’s scenic sights and clean environment would accompany you. The green spaces and big leafy shades would give you a cool and refreshing essence in summers and spring.

  1. Tourist Attraction Spots 

How could you consider your trip to Canada complete without going to Niagara falls, 130km away from Toronto. You can visit Niagara falls by guided bus or boat. You will not only enjoy the picturesque beauty of this natural wonder but also can shop, go to the old state park and stay at night in luxury rest areas. 

Last but not least, the edge walk at CN tower, 356m above the ground, would make your visit to Toronto thrilling and unforgettable. You can capture photos, videos and earn a certificate of achievement after completing the walk. 

The End Note

We have gathered some undeniable reasons why Toronto should be one of your stops when traveling to Canada. Write to us if these reasons convince you. You are welcome to add to these reasons if we missed any, according to you.

Happy traveling!

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