Reasons Why You Should Travel To Scotland

Scotland is the land of beautiful scenery, fun people to be around, historic castles, majestic lands, and modern, fun, exciting city life. Whether you want to relax or have a wild night out, Scotland can offer you both. Be prepared to be mesmerized by the diversity of activities and attractions that this country can give you. But before you set your mind on it here are some reasons why we think that you should travel to Scotland.

Reasons Why You Should Travel To Scotland

Dreamy Castles of Scotland

Scotland is known for its beautiful, dreamy, powerful castles. To name some of them that are must-see – Edinburgh Castle, Balmoral Castle, Eilean Donan Castle, Dunnottar Castle, and Stirling Castle. All of these castles and their surrounding nature will make you feel at ease and relaxed. Imagine walking in the castle and painting the scenes from the past in your head. Who lived there, what their day-to-day life looked like and what ideas did they have about the world.

The battle between Glasgow and Edinburgh

The battle may sound a little bit exaggerated but people from both cities truly believe that their city is better. In reality, it looks like a sibling rivalry more than a serious battle between people or cities. One of them is an older sibling, a little bit more serious, and well put together, and the other one is slightly younger, maybe a little bit wilder, and a fan of going out. The advice we would give is to visit both cities, immerse yourself in both atmospheres and decide on your own. Which city is better?

Scottish Highlands

Scottish highlands are something a lot of people plan their Scotland visit around. This part of a country is mesmerizing, to say the least. Have you ever seen beautiful scenery stretched across hundreds of miles? Imagine how dramatic is it to see the symphony between water, mountains, castles, and trails. 

Delicious food of Scotland

Let’s be honest, a good traveling plan has to always include some delicious spots to sample the local food. Some of us go on trips for specifically local food only. Fortunately, Scotland is the country which can offer delicious food and beautiful surroundings at the same time. Some of the must-try foods are Neeps and tatties served with haggis (this dish is fluffy turnip and potato mash served with traditional Scottish pudding), Scottish salmon (don’t miss out on salmon, Scottish salmon is one of the best in the world), a full Scottish (a must-eat after a drunken night out), bangers and mash is another classic you cannot miss, and fish supper is a must at the side of a beach. If you have a sweet tooth Scotland has got you covered. Try sticky toffee pudding, and if you’re feeling extra brave you can try your chances with Scottish tablet and battered mars bar too. Just be prepared that they are extremely sugary.

Driving around

If you are a fan of road trips, then Scotland is the dream country for you. NC500 is the route to take. It’s an epic drive through the beautiful sights of nature, little shops, and other exciting stuff to explore. Just remember to stick to the left side of the road and don’t be afraid of the narrow roads. Just enjoy the ride.


To sum up, what has been stated above, Scotland is a place for diversity, fun, beautiful nature and some exceptionally delicious food. Be prepared to walk a lot (which is much needed after big night-outs with huge amounts of food and drinks), get to know some amazing, fun people, and see the sightseeings and nature that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

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