Health Benefits of Swimming

Studies show that people between the ages of 19-64 years of age should indulge in aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes each week. And one of the most beneficial low impact aerobic exercises is swimming. Swimming should be chosen as a form of workout for a variety of reasons for people of all ages and continue to swim as long as health permits. 

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is the most popular sport and should be incorporated for all its mental and physical health benefits. Other than all its health benefits, it’s fun, a great workout to stay fit and make swimming pals along the way.

Here we have curated a list of amazing health benefits of swimming that will surely compel you to jump in the swimming pool right away.

It’s Great Workout For Your Whole Body

30 minutes of low impact swimming will use your muscles which is great for a full body workout. Whether you opt for butterfly strokes, back stroke or breast strokes, swimming incorporates body muscles from head to toe. It helps in:

  • Aids in cardiovascular health
  • Enhances endurance
  • Muscle toning
  • Increases strength

Burns Those Calories

Research shows that a mere 30 minutes of swimming leads to burning 200 calories in comparison to double the walk. It is an effective low impact workout if you want to torch some of those calories. Calories that come from binging on a chocolate bar will be gone faster than that with cycling or perhaps with running.

Helps In Destressing The Body And Mind

Whenever you are overwhelmed and exhausted with responsibilities and stressed out due to work. Swimming comes to your rescue. It has some of the most effective mental health benefits and one of them includes destressing. Swimming helps people who are experiencing depression and anxiety, as it works to lower stress levels and greatly helps in improving the quality of your sleep. So, what are you waiting for? Just take a swim in the pool whenever you want to destress and relax a bit.

Safe Workout During Pregnancy

Swimming is the safest low impact exercise for pregnant women. Women with that added weight go through lots of muscle and joint pains during the pregnancy period. Swimming thereby helps in supporting the weight. Since swimming is a great stress buster, pregnant women can go swimming to relax, unwind and bring their stress levels down. But before you take up swimming or any other new activity, it is always better to consult your gynecologist.

Helps in Fixing Posture and Improves Flexibility

As we age, our inactive lifestyle tends to affect our body muscles in a way that they become inflexible and start shrinking. With swimming when we twist, push ourselves forward, play different strokes and stretch our ligaments and fibers, which in turn improves our muscle engagement and they start toning immediately. Ince swimming works on our whole body, it will help our body in fixing posture and improves flexibility.

Improves Heart Health By Manifolds

One of the most common diseases mankind is dealing with, is heart disease. Swimming is a great form of low-impact workout that will help in improving cardiovascular health. Wondering how? Well heart is also a muscle as we know and swimming is a great low impact aerobic workout that helps in toning the muscles and improving heart health. It also helps in removing toxins and extra layers of cholesterol from the heart.

Helps Patients Of Asthma

Swimming is a great workout option for people dealing with asthma. Exercises that are part and parcel of swimming, for example holding your breath will aid in increased lung capacity as well as enhance the ability to gain control over breathing. The indoor pools that have a humid environment also tend to be a favorable place for people with asthma.

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