5 Reasons Why Harry Potter is the Best Movie Franchise

Harry Potter has played a very important role for so many children growing up and as a Potterhead, watching the 20th-anniversary re-union bought back so many childhood memories and tears in our eyes. Harry Potter made kids interested in reading and even if you are not a book-lover, the Harry Potter movies have made a very special place in everyone’s hearts. From children to adults everyone wants to be a wizard with a wand and experience the magical life at Hogwarts. 

5 Reasons Why Harry Potter is the Best Movie Franchise

 If you are someone who is yet to start the magical Journey at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry here are five reasons why Harry Potter is the best movie franchise:

1. You can immerse yourself in another world: Tired of your day-to-day work? One of the most amazing reasons why Harry Potter is the best movie franchise is that you can immerse yourself in the wizarding world completely forgetting about all of your problems. Once you start your magical journey at Hogwarts express, you no longer belong to the muggle world. How we wish, we could just wave our wands, say a magic spell, and get rid of all the problems in the world!

2. It showed us the true meaning of Friendship: A trio that solves mysteries and always attracts problems. Every kid watching the Harry Potter movies has learned what it is to have a friendship that can only get stronger with time. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine have taught us the true meaning of friendship by sticking together even during their darkest times. Like Hermoine said in the movie, “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things! Friendship and bravery!”.

3. We grew up along with the characters: With every movie, came a lot of anticipation and excitement every year. Growing up along with the characters, we knew Harry, Ron, and Hermoine as if they were our best friends and each year we saw them grow up to be these amazing, brave adults. It takes a lot of courage to be brave and we learnt the meaning of bravery by looking at these characters. And without a doubt, I can say that Hogwarts is our second home and the characters are our second family.

4. Magic: Now, who would not want an invisibility cloak to sneak around or a magic wand that would do all of our work with just a wave?  Or even better, travel around the world just by touching a Portkey. JK Rowling has created the most magical place on Earth with the most amazing characters. At one point we all wanted to fly around on our broom and play quidditch on the grounds. Harry Potter has made us believe in magic. From owls to phoenix, we all wanted to have magical pets who bring us messages from our loved ones.

5. Hogwarts: Imagine a school that has great halls, moving staircases, Quidditch, exotic forests, and magic. Just like every Harry Potter fan, we waited for my letter from Hogwarts every year on our birthday. It was a dream to get accepted into Hogwarts and get sorted by the sorting hat. 

The most amazing part about Hogwarts? We get Dumbledore as the headmaster. How can we ever forget his wise words? Hogwarts made our muggle schools look so boring!

Well, these are just five reasons among many to prove that Harry Potter is the best movie franchise. We learned the value of family from the Weasleys, the value of friendships from Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, and the value of love from Snape. And even after 30 years, when someone asks if we still love Harry Potter, our answer will be – always!

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