Reasons Why You Should Never Hire The Cheapest Website Developer

It’s hard not to like a great deal, but it’s advisable to be weary especially when you are looking to hire a great website developer. Seven reasons why you shouldn’t hire the cheapest website developer are:

Reasons Why You Should Never Hire The Cheapest Website Developer
  1. Poor search visibility

A basic website developer will be just that, basic! Such developers usually keep their website offerings down to bare bones. One particular area they often ignore is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A website without good SEO to start with will fail to make the cut into the top Google searches, a place where your website needs to be. A site with low visibility will not attract many paying customers. 

  1. Risk of security breaches

The cheapest website developer will be a less reliable one in most cases. Such developers are also unlikely to be acquainted with the best security practices. The cost of a security breach could be huge, for you and ultimately your business. You could lose data and possibly even control of your website. Most companies and owners assume that their business will not be targeted by hackers, but it remains a fact that as many as 60% of small business owners in the UK have been the subjects of some kind of cyber attack.  

  1. Lack of performance and scale

Hiring the cheapest web developer may result in you ending up with a slow and unimpressive website that is difficult to scale. Unskilled developers come in with the cheapest quotes because they can’t write sophisticated code that will help your website develop as your business grows. Adding new features to your website will be a near impossibility with an inexperienced developer. The cost of maintaining your website also goes through the roof. 

  1. Out of date code

A newbie or unskilled web developer may not be up to date with the latest developments in coding. He or she may also be sloppy and make errors in code that expose your site to all sorts of security breaches and hacking attempts. 

  1. Little or no support

Expecting great after sales service and support from the cheapest web developer or agency is a pipe dream. Post handover of the site to you, a cheaper developer may leave you in the lurch when it comes to helping you through problem areas or functionality in your website. It’s best to stick with larger firms or developers who come through recommendations if you’re expecting decent post-development support services. 

  1. Risk of losing your customers

A website developed by an inattentive and casual developer may in fact help you lose your customers. Poor UI UX design coupled with the developer’s lack of marketing skills will result in low conversions. Sites developed by low cost developers are often slow to load and lack key features that delight users and keep them coming back to your business. A good developer will not only help you keep your old customers from returning to your site, but also help you attract new paying customers. 

  1. No satisfaction guarantee

Some smaller and low cost web developers may advertise a “no satisfaction money back guarantee”, but more often than not this is just a cheap gimmick. You might be tempted to leave a bad review if you get stuck with one of these developers, but it is unlikely to affect them as they rarely pay heed to what their customers say about them. 

You may want to do some more research into who you hire to develop your website. It’s probably the most critical decision for you and your business, so it’s probably better if you don’t get swayed by the lowest price offering.  

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