Best Medical Drama TV Shows of All Time

Shows about doctors have proved to have widespread appeal amongst drama TV watchers. The fact that doctors deal with nerve-wracking, heart-pounding situations almost every day of the week might be part of the attraction for show watchers.

Best Medical Drama TV Shows of All Time

Here is our list of the top nine medical drama TV shows of all time:

  1. E.R. (1994-2009)

With 356 award nominations and a whopping 151 wins, all drama lovers would remember E.R. This was the show that made the mighty George Clooney a megastar. Michael Crichton, bestselling author and creator of E.R. made the show a riveting mix of emotion, comedy and drama.

  1. House (2004-2012)

Often called the best medical show of all time, Dr. House played by Hugh Laurie is the Sherlock Holmes of all doctors. Laurie plays a grumpy, rude, yet brilliant doctor who diagnoses diseases like no other. The show got 116 Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and won 53 times. 

  1. Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present)

Women doctors came to the fore in Grey’s Anatomy. The show was a soap opera of sorts with a lot of drama and some medicine interspersed in between. 

  1. MASH (1972-1983)

Based on the movie MASH, created by Robert Altman, the show is a classic in every sense. Set in war-time in a make-shift emergency room, the show has some great characters and a stellar lead in Alan Alda, who played lead surgeon. 

  1. General Hospital (1963-present)

So many big stars got their start on General Hospital over the past 50 or so years. The show, like any other popular drama, had it’s share of marriages, mistresses and murders. The show has an amazing 246 award wins, including Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Show. 

  1. Scrubs (2001-2010)

The show follows the journey of “J.D.” or John Michael Dorian as he negotiates the start of his medical career at Sacred Heart Hospital. The show makes a primary attempt at pushing the comedy genre, followed by drama, with a much lower priority placed on the serious medical stuff. Yet, the show has been praised by many for it’s accurate descriptions of medical situations as well as early career experiences in a hospital. 

  1. Nip/Tuck (2003-2010)

One of the sharpest medical drama shows on our list today, Nip/Tuck is a subtle mix of satire, drama and comedy. The show follows the adventures of two plastic surgeons, one from Beverly Hills and the other from South Florida. The show has won Emmy and Golden Globes and also Best Show Of The Year Awards.

  1. Nurse Jackie (2009-2015)

Nurse Jackie, played by Edie Falco, is one of Showtime’s most popular original series. An overworked registered nurse, Jackie Peyton makes it through her long days on drugs, which make each episode a drama or comedy and sometimes both. Falco won the Emmy for Best Actress back in 2010.

  1. Ben Casey/ Dr. Kildare 

The only tie on our list is Ben Casey and Dr. Kildare. Both shows helped make “doctors as heroes” shows gain mainstream popularity. Both shows enjoyed top ratings and made their lead actors Richard Chamberlain (Dr. Kildare) and Vince Edwards (Ben Casey) absolute stars in the mainstream. A worthy tie in our books!

If you are a drama buff, you must check out the medical drama genre and watch our top nine classics. 

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