Reasons Kenya Should Be On Your Bucket List

Kenya is the African safari destination you just cannot miss out on. A trip to the popular African nation will surely be an adventure worth taking. Here are eight reasons Kenya should be on your bucket list:

Reasons Kenya Should Be On Your Bucket List
  1. Explore the Masai Mara

The Maai Mara is one of the finest wildlife reserves on the planet. During the annual migration season, you can witness the splendor of millions of animals moving through the rugged terrain. The Masai Mara is a tribute to one of the finest wildlife conservation programs that exists globally.  

  1. Travel through the land of scintillating beaches and wild safaris

The variety and scenic contrast offered to tourists visiting Kenya is like no other experience. One moment you could be driving through game parks spotting lions and wild elephants and the next you could be staring at the beautifully clear beach fronts along the Indian Ocean. 

  1. Visit the numerous National Parks

Kenya is home to some of the most glorious and famous National Parks in the world. The Samburu National Park was home to the hit film Born Free. You can also go on cultural tours with Masai tribes persons and experience an iconic safari at the Amboseli National Park, some 220 kilometers from Nairobi. 

  1. Discover the city of Mombasa

If you have the chance to visit Kenya, you must not miss the coastal city of Mombasa. Enjoy some barbeque, local Taarab music, the beautiful architecture in the Old Town and the clean fine sand of the beach. Mombasa is the cultural hub of Kenya and a must-visit for all.     

  1. Take a tour around Kenya

Wildlife and related experiences will for most part make up your Kenyan touring experience. Spot Rhinos at Samburu National Park, sip champagne over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon, or live in luxury at a luxury camp as you watch a herd of elephants trampling by. There are many life changing and extraordinary experiences you can experience if you make a trip to Kenya. 

  1. Visit mount Kenya

The second highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kenya stands tall at 17,057 feet above sea level. Interestingly, this peak was formed from volcanic activity. This peak is bang on the equator, with the sun rising and setting at 5:30 AM and 5:30 PM respectively. You might like to visit this magnificent peak, which ancient tribes believe to be “God’s throne on earth”. 

  1. Stay at a luxury safari lodge

You must never underestimate the comfort that luxury brings after a long day out in the dusty and sunny savannah. You can dine in luxury at camps such as Governor’s Camp by the Mara River, enjoying the beauty of a clear and starry night sky with a warm fire burning and the curious sounds of wildlife all around you. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well in Kenya, it isn’t!

  1. Experience the beautiful Kenyan hospitality

Kenya and it’s tribes have long made the term “hakuna matata” meaning “no worries” famous the world over. It is widely realized that the Kenyans are a fantastic population with a cultural mix like no other in the world. 

We hope you now have enough incentive to visit and spend some quality time exploring the gem on the East coast of Africa that is Kenya. It’s a country so diverse and with so much to do that one visit may not be enough. 

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