Things To See When Visiting Ottawa, Canada

The capital city of Canada, Ottawa is famous for its historic sites and landmarks. This city is also known for its international music festivals and is one of the coldest capital in the world. This is surely a must-visit place. If you are thinking about visiting Ottawa, we bring you a list of things to see when visiting this beautiful city.

Things To See When Visiting Ottawa, Canada

1. Parliament hill

A cultural and community hub, Parliament Hill is a must-visit place in Ottawa. The building is made up of Victorian Gothic sandstone. This is surely a must-visit place for people who love gothic-style architecture

It also has a Parliamentary library, at the back of the building and there are lots of guided tours available all the time. The grass area in the front of the parliament is splendid and attracts various tourists throughout the year.

2. Rideau Canal

A UNESCO world heritage, this 200 kilometers long canal connects Ottawa with Lake Ontario. During summer, the canal is always filled with boats and you can cruise along the canal and witness at least 30 sights across the canal.

The most amazing part of the canal is, it turns into the world’s largest skating rink every winter and is absolutely stunning. People love skating outdoors and this skateway is free and is open every day.  This is surely an experience to remember. 

3. Visit Markets

One of the main attractions in Ottawa is its Markets. The Byward Market is one of the largest and oldest markets in the country. You can find fresh produce from the local vendors and meals on the go if you are on a budget. You can spend an entire day exploring the products in the market, and a great place to buy souvenirs. You will also find many restaurants, bakeries in the area. 

4. Gatineau Park

How can we talk about Ottawa and forget to mention its parks? Gatineau Park is located 15 mins from Ottawa and is nearly 90,000 acres in space. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities, this is the place for you. The park offers a lot of different things you can get involved with like hiking, biking, camping. swimming and more. You can also come here to just relax and enjoy the view of the Gatineau Hills over the Ottawa Valley.

5. Canadian War Museum

This Canadian War Museum is a tribute to the rick military history in Canada. The Museum has more than 3 million artifacts including medals, documents, artillery, and much more. The museum also has interactive exhibitions which makes it much more interesting to children and also adults. The place takes at least 2 hours to half a day to explore.

6. The Canadian Museum of History

It’s always amazing to visit a country and learn about its history. And what better way to learn the history of the place than visiting a museum. The Canadian Museum of History is one of the most popular Museums in Ottawa. You can find artifacts from 20,000 years of human history, and the Museum is spread across four floors. The Bytown Museum is another museum in Ottawa that is also recommended. 

These were some of the major attractions of Ottawa. The best time to visit Ottawa is from March to May. With warm temperatures, most of the places become accessible to tourists and easy to visit. This is also the time when Ottawa hosts a lot of events including everyone’s favorite, the Tulip festival. 

Thank you for your time in reading this blog, and do let us know your favorite place.

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