Tips For Making Your Own Bracelet

Creativity has no limit, and neither has fashion. We see a lot of variety and new trends being introduced every day in outfits, footwear, jewelry, and makeup styles. 

Whether it is shoe choice or a bracelet design, people look for innovations and uniqueness and tend to buy items that can go well for every occasion. Keeping this first tip in mind, let’s look at some more tips to make a new bracelet.

Tips For Making Your Own Bracelet

5 Tips to Make a New Bracelet You Must Know

  1. Keep the Size of Bracelet in Mind

While passing by a jewelry shop, you saw a beautiful bracelet and couldn’t stop yourself from wanting to buy it. You went into the shop excitedly and asked the salesperson to let you try it. But Alas, while trying to wear it, you found that it doesn’t fit into your wrist. How annoying. Right? 

Unlike the necklace, earrings, and finger rings, the size of the bracelet is not the same for all. Whether making a bracelet for your friend or putting it in your jewelry shop, consider designing pieces that can fit all wrists. You might be thinking, how is it possible? Well, what about making stretchable bracelets? You can use a stretchable beading wire to make them or add a chain with a hook to adjust the bracelet as per wrist size.

  1. Make a Leather Bracelet with Motif

Leather gives a trendy and classic look to anything it is used in. Be it a leather bag, leather jacket, or leather shoes; it adds a class to the overall look. You can use a ready-made leather cuff and paste a beautiful motif to complete the look. Yet another idea is to add a colorful stone on the leather base. 

If you want to design the leather bracelet from scratch, using the leather strands to create a braided bracelet is a good idea. You can create a double wrap leather bracelet with a clamp to adjust it. Using colorful buttons or beads with leather straps is another idea to create unique and trendy bracelets.

  1. Consider Reusing Your Old Watches

I guarantee you must have some beautiful old watches in your collection. Those watches might not be usable anymore, but their beautiful colors and dials stop you from throwing them away every time you think of doing so. The good news is you don’t need to throw them away. Just convert them into beautiful watch bracelets. 

Detach the dial from the used old watch, attach it to colorful lacy fabric and give it the bracelet’s shape. Another idea is to make a colorful beads band and add the watch dial to complete the look. Using silver or light gold metal chains with a dial, you can create a unique piece for proper use. 

  1. Make Many of Them

The fashion of wearing three or four bands never goes old. Young girls and boys love to wear such bracelets in their daily routine. You can create four or five beads bracelets of different colors and join them all together with a chain or clamp end. Another trendy idea is to create multiple leather wrap bands. 

You can also create multiple metal chain bands. Creating alternate straps of beads and leather, or metal and leather is also a good idea to add class and style to the casual wear bracelets. 

  1. Keep it Simple and Classy

Nothing can add beauty to your casual and formal wear as simplicity does. Keeping things simple gives them a classic look. 

To give your bracelets a classy look, we recommend creating them using pearls. What else can create a vintage look rather than pearls? White shiny pearls beaded together in a bracelet are a must want for every girl out there. Use them in your bracelets and win the hearts of many.

The Wrap Up

We have presented some easy-to-apply and must-know tips for making new bracelets. Apply these tips to your creations to make them even more catchy. Also, write to us in the comments if you know tips other than those mentioned above. 

Happy beading 🙂

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