Top Family-Friendly Things To Do When In Norway

Thinking of taking a vacation with your family? Sometimes, it might get difficult to plan a vacation where all of your family members can have fun. Norway is one of the most popular destinations where you can have fun with your family and have an experience of a lifetime.

Top Family-Friendly Things To Do When In Norway

Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Norway with your family.

1. Theme parks

One of the most fun ways to spend time with your family is by visiting an amusement park. From adults to kids there is something that everyone can enjoy, and you can have an amazing time with your family. 

Tusenfryd is the largest Amusement park near Oslo. From incredible rollercoasters to fun games, you will not go wrong with this theme park.

Another theme park is the Dyreparken which is located just outside of Kristiansand. This is a combined theme park with zoo and entertainment. You can also book a room in the pirate village and explore the natural zoo and water park. 

2. Visit Oslo

Oslo has to be one of the top destinations in Norway to visit with your family. Oslo is home to amazing museums, including the International children’s art museum with paintings, pottery, and so much more made by children from all over the world. 

You can also visit the Museum of Science and Technology and Space center to enjoy quality time with your family. If your family loves wildlife, you can also visit the reptile park and look at incredible species of snakes, lizards, and many more reptiles.

3. Southern Norway

Thinking of having a relaxing vacation with your family? Southern Norway has beautiful beaches where you can relax with your family. You can also visit the biggest climbing park Hoyt and Lavt Kristiansand. You can go up the fortress and visit the amazing canon museum fort.

Beach Hamresanden and the island of hopping in the archipelago are among the main destinations to visit. You can also visit the southernmost point, Lindesnes, where you can stay overnight in a lighthouse.

4. Hiking

If your family loves mountains and views, you will find amazing hiking destinations in Norway. Pulpit Rock is one of the most popular destinations for hiking. With a beautiful view and an easy hiking trail, you and your family have an amazing experience together, with a view you will never forget. This is a perfect place to hike if you are with kids.

If you are upto hiking, you can also visit Galdhoppigen, the tallest mountain in Norway. You can reach there by several hiking trails. Though this hike might take some time and effort, it will be worth it when you stand on the highest point in northern Europe.

5. Try local street food

What more fun than trying delicious local food? You can visit the local markets, try different food and enjoy Norwegian food. You can also visit the Oslo street food which is a large food hall in the city center. With more than 15 authentic food stalls, you can taste food from India, Greece, the Philippines, and Peru. 

Some of the most famous food you have to try is the Potato lefse, which is a flatbread, Fiskeboller which is a fishball and is one the most common dinner in Norway. Norwegian waffles and Brown cheese ice cream are a must-try dessert.

These were our top fun things to enjoy in Norway along with your family. From theme parks to hiking, Norway has a lot of exciting activities that will make your vacation a memorable one.

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