Tips for Using Google Search Console

Want to see your entire website performance and several daily visitors with the location? Google has provided us with an essential and easy-to-use tool: Google Search Console. People only sign up and add their website to track the performance. This GCS tool is more than this signing up and tracking work for a website.

Tips for Using Google Search Console

This article will provide complete information and some tips on using Google Search Console to improve your website performance from an SEO point of view.

Google Search Console Tips and Tricks

Here are some Google Search Console Tips and Tricks useful for each website owner.

1. Finding Search Queries and Search Volume

Most people are unaware of this tool, and they only follow this tool for tracking visitors. You must be surprised to know that you can find the best volume keywords by using the search queries option.

Just open the dashboard of the GCS and then go to the option named as the search queries. Doing this way, you will see a list of keywords for how people search for a specific topic. Now export all of these keywords and find their volume. After that, use the high-volume keywords or make a separate article.

2. Examining Backlinks for Outreach and Link Building

Want to identify and find the best backlinks for your website? Well, you must be surprised to know that GCS is a superb tool that allows you to examine the best and high-quality backlinks for outreach.

See the full report on the backlinks using this tool and then see the links which can be helpful for your website. These backlinks play the highest role in getting traffic towards your website.

3. Finding Technical Issues in Your Site and Solving them for Better Performance

Another most important and outstanding tip using the search console is going to the enhancement section and finding the technical problems on your website. These problems may include AMP issues, mobile usability issues, and products, including the search boxes and site links.

Now find the technical issues and solve them according to the need. Solving these issues means your website is more likely to rank and get organic traffic from Google and other search engines platforms.

4. Use Inspect URLs Options for to Check Indexing

The inspect URL option is another critical and versatile trick that most people miss and often don’t know about. It helps to check the indexing issues. Now it’s common to face indexing issues, but people don’t know how to use this tool for fixing this issue.

Go to the URL inspections option in the dashboard and enter the URL you want to check for the indexing. It will show “Your URL is on Google” if it’s okay. On the other hand, if the URL is not on Google, using this option will help index the page.

5. Analyzing CTR for the Sake of Improvement

Another most helpful feature of the search console is analyzing the CTR. Low CTR means that your title and keywords are not as good as they should be. Low CTR also creates low revenue. Hence, by using this option, you can find the improvements that you can make to your website. Improve your keywords using ability and make the title more reader-friendly.


Hence, Google Search Console is one of the vital tools offered by Google itself to analyze your website for better performance. Apart from tracking the performance of the keywords, now you can improve your website according to the suggestions provided by this tool. So, sign up and add your website link to get an organic ranking. 

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