How Long Should It Take For Your Website to Be Built

How long should it take for your website to be built is one of the critical questions, especially for those new to the online field. It’s not easy to answer this question as several factors are required to see and care for. 

Additionally, it depends on which type of website you want to design, i.e., either a simple website or a custom-built website.

How Long Should It Take For Your Website to Be Built

Some steps take part in building a website, and knowing these steps can help to know how much time it takes to build a website. On average, it usually takes 14 weeks to build a website from the start. 

It also depends on the frequency and speed of the website developer.

How much time Does it Take to Build a Website by Step to Step Guide?

This section is about all the factors and steps involved in the website designing process. Fourteen weeks is our rough estimation and is based on our experience.

1. Creating a Plan by Knowing Your Need

It is the first step in building a website. It’s essential and basic to create a complete plan based on your needs. For example, what is your website about? What are the categories you want to create on the website? Which options do you want to choose while building a website? Is the website only about one niche or has multiple niches to cover?

After making a plan, find a website developer who is highly experienced in your industry. Don’t go in a rush but breathe calmly and find the best website developer agency or the expert. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks to decide and find the developer.

2. Working on Website Design

A second most important step is to work on website design, i.e., deciding the color and pages design. Logo, mockups, putting some content, and other designing parts including header and footer design.

Although you need to know the color scheme and the design idea yourself or the developer, it is a straightforward step. In short, you can create a template for a website or a sketch that can help you know the designing needs in a better way.

After designing the website, sit calmly and see if you need any change. These steps usually take 1-3 weeks on average.

3. Main Website Development

It is the step that determines your whole website progress and overall performance. It usually takes 8-10 weeks, and developers are the primary role characters here. They fully design and optimize your website.

All the pages and content are published about your niche or main keyword. In addition, you can add different categories and new designs on different pages.

4. Final Review Stage

It is the final stage where your website is fully developed. It usually takes days or a maximum of 1 week. The website owner thoroughly reviews the website and its look. The designer finds the issues and problems, if there are any, and solves them according to the need.

All the revisions and corrections are made in this step. After this, your website is fully built and is ready to make it public and further work, including content editing and SEO techniques.


Hence, it usually takes 14-15 weeks to build a website from the start. However, if you need it in a hurry, you can ask the website developer for a quick design. They charge more for the extra fast delivery.

These steps are based on the customs website design, and if you desire by using a ready-made CMS including a WordPress or Shopify platform, it will take less time, i.e., 1-2 weeks maximum.

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