Top Benefits of Playing a Team Sport

When we talk about playing sports, the first benefit that comes to our minds is physical health. Although the physical aspect of working out is very beneficial to our bodies, many people seem to omit the non-physical benefits that are far greater and can help us in the process of forming our lives.

benefits of playing team sport

Below we would like to discuss some crucial parts of team sports that are overlooked:

Teamwork Skills

Every team sport requires its players to work together toward the same goal. The goal might be winning the game, winning the championship, bettering the communication within the team, or just simply having fun. Having the same goal means that each and every player realizes their part of the responsibility and tries not to fail not only themselves but more importantly their teammates and their unifying goal. Furthermore, these teamwork skills that are developed during the game can greatly benefit our personal and work lives. 

Boosted Self-Confidence

The second greatest benefit is boosting self-confidence. Playing team sport means that sometimes you win but sometimes you have to lose in order to better yourself. We have to normalize that it is alright to lose. Some would even say that losing is a crucial part of growing.

With the help of teammates and coaches, you learn how to solve the problems, how to better your skills, and in return with hard work and the support of your peers, you learn to believe in yourself.

Reduced Stress

Studies have shown that physical activity has a positive impact on our mental health and well-being. Exercise, in general, is a great way of loosening up. But the social aspect adds another layer to reducing stress. While playing team sports, we tend to make new friends, create new life experiences for ourselves and others. We feel a sense of belonging, we are part of a community that cares about us, and the sense that our life matters greatly reduces our stress.

The Social Aspect

Sometimes going to the gym alone can be isolating because everyone is in their own head and forming friendships can be hard because everyone has different schedules. But we all know how important relationships and a sense of belonging are for us humans. After all, we are social creatures and in desperate need of interactions. Team sports require all of the team members to show up at the same time and place. Because of this consistency, we tend to make new friends, have quality conversations with our teammates, and thus acquire that feeling of social belonging that we need.

Academic Benefits

Research shows that physical activity positively impacts our learning. Stress relief is a major contributor to our mental health. Engaging with other people and setting goals teaches us accountability, dedication and produces the stamina that we need while studying.

Physical Health Benefits

Last but not least, the most obvious benefit of team sports is added physical health. If you play a specific sport, this means you have to show up consistently and consistent physical activity benefits the health and the longevity of our life.


Playing team sports for kids and adults can be a monumental part of life because it teaches a lot of valuable lessons and skills – making new friends, communicating skills, resolving problems, appreciating winning, and boosting self-belief and self-confidence while your peers and coach tell you that you did a great job. But it also teaches us how to lose and all the lessons that losing can give you. Team sports help us develop emotionally as well as physically and all these skills can be very helpful in our day-to-day lives.

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