Different Versions Of Monopoly For You To Try

Ah Monopoly, the classic family / friends game that is the cause of many arguments and can end in tears, especially if you are playing with children (both actual children or adults who act like children). But at the end of the day, Monopoly is one of the most successful board games going around for a reason! All the best board games out there also tend to have a number of different versions for fans to collect.

different versions of monopoly

Whether you are into the classic version or something else, or even combining two of your great passions, like Game of Thrones and Monopoly together, there is certainly a version out there for you. Monopoly was officially available to purchase in 1935, and since then there have been countless versions, some still available at stores today, while others have been discontinued and can only be picked up on places like Ebay, and depending how rare and sought after the version is, it could cost a small fortune.

So, if you are into your Monopoly and want to try something other than the normal version, have a read on below at some of the different versions you could try:


The TV show that captured the world for 10 years, and even after the series wrapped up, it is still one of the most watched and well known shows to this day. If you are a Friends fan, then you are in luck, because there’s a specific version of Monopoly just for you. All the rules are the same, it is just the properties that have different names, and you can choose to play as one of the six symbols that represents each of the main characters, like a dinosaur for Ross, a pizza for Joey, or a chef’s hat for Monica. 

Ultimate Banking

Want a modern day version of Monopoly? Well you should certainly look into the “Ultimate Banking” version. In this version you don’t have cash, just a card that you tap to make purchases, much like the real world where we are using cash less and less. This version is a lot faster than your traditional Monopoly, and most games can be finished within an hour or so.


Calling all Marvel Comic fans, this one’s for you! There is an Avengers themed Monopoly currently available for you to purchase. This version of Monopoly covers all events and characters up until Endgame, and as well as this, as many as 12 people can play, making it an even more interesting game.


Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? Yes, there is even a version of Monopoly that is based on pizza. In this version you don’t go around purchasing properties, instead you play the game with the aim of collecting as many pizza slices as possible. Sounds like my type of game, if you ask me!


Disney is pretty much wherever you go, and now you can even get a Disney themed Monopoly. This version of Monopoly was released in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Snow White movie. All your favorite characters are there for you to feast your eyes on, including Peter Pan and Ariel. 

Game of Thrones

As was mentioned in the introduction, there is indeed a Game of Thrones version of Monopoly. In this version you need to collect properties from the seven kingdoms and you can even hear the theme song if you press the button on the iron throne card holder. This is really a must have item for game nights if you are a lover of Game of Thrones.

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