6 Reasons You Should Travel To Thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries and has a global atmosphere. This nation is very cosmopolitan and international due to a large number of foreign visitors. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and eight million people reside in this city, many of whom are foreigners who have made Bangkok home for the reason of its beauty. Bangkok has the great majestic spots in the country such as Temples, red-light districts, sky bars, museums, art galleries, and parks. Thailand is the best place for those who like the nightlife.

reasons to travel to thailand

Here are some of the reasons you should travel to Thailand:

The friendly people

People of this land are traditionally friendly, well-mannered, respectful, and civilized people. They are very patriotic and have a great love for their country; you will not find anyone speaking bad language about the king. Shopkeepers always greet you with a warm smile no matter if you buy something or not. If they find any tourist in trouble then they will help them as soon as possible and if anyone cannot speak their language they will translate it into Thai. The majority of them believe in religion, ghosts, and metaphysical things.

The beaches

Thailand’s beaches and islands are some of the best and most attractive places in the world. These are the most photographed because of their charm and beauty. Krabi is a white-sand beach surrounded by palm trees that attract the vast majority of visitors. Sunset Beach on the island of Koh Kradan is magnificent and memorable. Freedom Beach in Phuket is also one of Thailand’s most amazing and eye-catching beaches that every tourist should visit once in their life.

The delicious Food

Foods of Thailand are famous for their fragrances, color, taste, and variety of flavors. There are many dishes and styles in the country that you can’t get anywhere around the world. You can find the best and cheapest meals from the streets of Thailand or outdoor stalls. Outdoor stalls have even better food than the local restaurants because they mostly follow cultural dishes. Every tourist should try pork noodle soup and Thai green curry because these are the best traditional dishes. The interesting thing is that no matter what time of the day, the food will be available somewhere in the market.

The temples

Thai people are Buddhist and temples are their holy places. So, you can find almost 40,000 Buddhist temples in this country. Each province has several temples and majestic wonders. All these have an architectural and constructive style as you find smaller ruins in Isaan on the way to Cambodia. The most visited sites are Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya that show the historical culture and civilization of Thailand.

The diving

Thailand has over 1,500 miles of coastline that can offer you some of the best diving sites in the world. It is considered the finest and cheapest place in the world to learn to dive. The most popular and famous areas are the Similan Islands, Surin Islands, and near Phuket and Koh Lanta. People can also find brightly colored fish and coral that enhance their amusement during diving.

The cost

It is the cheapest country from the tourist’s point of view. There are many cheap and safe hostels in almost all cities, and you can also get a private room for a day as low as $10. Buses and trains around the country are cheaply available that move from the rural areas to the all popular tourist destinations. Nok Air and AirAsia are the cost-effective airlines of Thailand. Due to its cheap fares, the vast majority of tourists visit this country every year.  

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