What Are The Cheapest New Hobbies

Are you looking for an exciting new hobby that won’t break your budget? There are tons of fun activities you can try. Some of them are super affordable, while others don’t cost anything at all. 

What Are The Cheapest New Hobbies

In our list of the cheapest new hobbies, we made sure to cover a variety of interests. We’re sure you will find something you will love doing. 


If you’re looking for a creative hobby that requires little equipment, consider writing. Writing is a rewarding hobby that allows us to express our ideas and thoughts. All you need for writing is a spare piece of paper and a pen or your keyboard and any writing app. 

You could learn to write stories and try to create your own scenarios and characters. You could also write about your interests and passions, and learn more about them in the process. Finally, writing is also a form of therapy, and you could start journaling to process your thoughts and emotions.

Grow Plants

Taking care of plants is another empowering and therapeutic hobby. You could start gardening both outdoors if you have a backyard, and in pots, if you’re living in an apartment. Seeds are super-cheap and you can start small. Additionally, you could ask friends and relatives to give you cuttings from their plants, so you can propagate them. 


Reading is a cheap hobby that brings tons of benefits to our lives. Depending on the type of book you read, it could boost your creativity, calm your thoughts, and improve a variety of other aspects of your life. For example, a fantasy novel will improve your visualization and creativity, and a self-improvement book might help with your relationships and state of mind. 

There are many second-hand shops for books, and you can also borrow them from a library for free. Books published over a century ago are no longer in the public domain. That means you can read them for free on many websites and mobile apps.


We often don’t consider learning to be a hobby, but it certainly can be. If there’s any topic you want to know a lot about, get books, search google and watch YouTube to expand your knowledge. Learning new things is exciting when you are interested in the topic. 

Having a goal to become an expert on something new is very empowering. It is also something that may lead you to a new topic of interest, a new hobby, or will simply be useful in conversations. 

Cooking and Baking

Cooking can also become a hobby. Preparing delicious meals and desserts is a worthy life skill that will also make others happy. Today, it’s easier than ever to learn to cook and bake, as there are countless free resources online. Try following a new recipe every day, or prepare a cake or other desserts every weekend. Soon you’ll learn the fundamentals of cooking, and you’ll be able to create your own recipes and decoration ideas.


Volunteering is a rewarding hobby that helps both you and others. You could volunteer in an animal shelter, by helping to clean up their space and playing and walking dogs. You could volunteer in hospitals or elderly homes, by reading stories to make patients’ days more joyful. There are many other options for volunteering, and it allows you to learn new skills while helping others.


Exercising is also a fantastic hobby which will improve your health and wellbeing. But instead of focusing on physical goals, choose an activity that you’ll love doing. You don’t have to go to a gym if it doesn’t excite you. Instead, find something you want to come back to every day. For some, it could be outdoor activities like biking and hiking, for others a group class like dance or yoga. You can also follow videos on YouTube, which is completely free. 

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