Bags That Every Women Should Have In Her Closet 

A bag is probably one of the most important things a woman will have with her throughout the day. It holds all the necessary items that she may need to use, and the type of bag worn will greatly depend on what she needs to get done as well as where she is going. There will always be new and trendy bags to consider, like the mico bag, for example, that probably could only hold a stick of gum!

Bags That Every Women Should Have In Her Closet 

Other bags are used more for their durability and for functionality, like a backpack, for example. With so many different types of bags, it is important to know which ones you should always have in your closet. So, have a read on below at some of the bags you should have:


This one was touched on in the introduction, a backpack is one of the important items you need in your closet. The good news is that there are all different types of backpacks, from those that are for functionality to more stylish ones. Backpacks are great because they are generally bigger than other bags, which means if you have a big day ahead of you, then you have room for all your stuff.

Tote Bag

The tote bag is perfect if you want all your stuff in the one compartment. This bag tends to be a bit bigger than other bags, and it has long straps, so you can wear it on your shoulder, and keep both your arms free for holding other things if necessary. You will tend to see a lot of tote bags around the beach, as it is an easy way to carry everything.

Canvas Bag

Want a bag that is really low maintenance and has a nice bold print on it. The canvas bag is for you! This bag is perfect when you are wearing something casual and just heading on out to run a few errands. The great thing about this bag is that it can be easily folded down, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your closet when you aren’t using it.

Cross Body Bag

The cross body bag has a long strap, which allows you to wear the bag across your chest. This means you have much more ability for movement as you aren’t holding anything. This type of bag is perfect when you don’t need too much stuff, and you will be up and about all day, like at a music festival for example.


The clutch is the ideal choice when heading on out to a formal event. This type of bag doesn’t have any strap, so you will literally have to “clutch” on to it for the entire event. There are many different styles of clutches available to choose from, all at different price points, so no matter what your outfit looks like, you’ll have the ability to find something that will match. Clutches tend to be pretty small as well, so make sure you try to fit in everything you are planning to take before the event, so you know that everything actually fits.


Probably not going to be the most stylish bag in your closet, but it will probably fill you with the most excitement when you pull it out, because it means you are going somewhere! It is vital that every woman has a suitcase, so when you go on an extended adventure, you have somewhere to hold all your stuff. You will also need to ensure your suitcase is big enough for your trip. Some of the latest suitcases come with compartments, so you can keep the important things separated from other things, like your clothing.

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