Top Things To Do In Vancouver 

Looking for somewhere interesting and unique to travel to? Well, you really can’t go past Vancouver! Even if you have never thought of travelling to Vancouver, there are plenty of things you can do, it doesn’t matter if you are going on holiday with your family, or looking to book a trip with a bunch of friends. 

Top Things To Do In Vancouver 

There aren’t many places in the world where you can both ski and surf, making Vancouver truly one of the best and most unique places in the world to visit. There’s a reason that Vancouver is constantly being voted one of the world’s most livable cities! So, why don’t you book that trip and come over to Vancouver to find out why. If you are thinking about coming over to Vancouver, then have a read on below at some of the top things you can do:

Hike the Grouse Grind

If you are a lover of nature or hiking, then you simply cannot go past a hike at Grouse Grind. This hike is certainly no walk in the park, and you need to be fit and able to work up a good sweat. This location is affectionately nicknamed “Mother Nature’s Staircase” and following the path will take you up around 850 metres. Once you reach the top you’ll realize why you put in all that effort, as the views are simply stunning. Don’t worry if you’re too tired to walk down again – there’s the Grouse Gondola that will get you back closer to sea level. 

China Town

There are a lot of places right across the world that have a China Town located somewhere in their respective city, but there is something different about the one in Vancouver. The China Town in Vancouver is one of the oldest and largest in the whole of Canada. If you are looking for interesting shops, markets and more, then a trip to China Town must be on the cards. Of course, if you are looking for some delicious dim sum, then you have to head on into China Town.

Kayaking in Deep Cove

Another one for the lovers of the outdoors and adventure seekers, you must consider going kayaking in Deep Cove. This is probably one of the most popular and interesting things to do in Vancouver. You get to become one with nature and you can rest easy if you are not an expert kayaker, as Deep Cove is one of the safest places in Canada. 

Richmond Night Markets

Unfortunately, you can only visit the Richmond Night Markets in summer. If this is the time you are planning to travel to Vancouver, then this must be on your to do list. They are known as some of the most interesting markets to look through, and there is a wide variety of things to see and buy here. Richmond is home to one of the largest Chinese communities in Vancouver, so be prepared to eat a lot of delicious food!

Commodore Ballroom

Looking to see a musical act? Then there are probably going to be lots of options at the Commodore. Some of the past acts that have performed at the Commodore include U2, Lady Gaga and Tina Turner. There are lots of places to see musical acts in Vancouver, but if you are looking for a cheaper option with a casual vibe, the Commodore is for you. Even the ballroom itself is a masterpiece, originating in the 1920’s, it has that amazing art deco feel. 

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