Different Styles of Heels To Choose From

Heels tend to be the essential item of any women’s outfit. There are so many different styles of heels to choose from, and let’s be honest, you probably already have a number of them in your closet! There are heels for any occasion, anywhere from something completely casual, to going to a formal event, and everything in between.

Different Styles of Heels To Choose From

So, if you are in the market for a new pair of heels, then have a read on below at some of the different styles of heels you can choose from:


Probably the most classic pair of high heels you will find. Pumps tend to be a little higher in the heel, low cut at the front, and have a point at the front as well. You probably already have a number of pumps in your closet as they are a very common style of heel.


The wedge heel is massively popular, and it is known to be a lot easier to walk around in compared to other styles of heels. With a wedge heel, there is no separation from the point to the back of the heel – this is the part that ensures it is easier to walk in.


Looking for some extra height? Then you should certainly look into the platform heel. This heel is just like your typical high heel, but at the front of the shoe under the sole, there is an inch (or two) of extra height. This extra height under the sole is also known to make the shoe more comfortable when wearing them, as there is less height angle between were the front of your foot compared to the back.

Peep Toe

Peep toe high heels are another great option, and many of you probably already have them in your closet. This style of heel has a little opening at the front of the shoe, where your toes are, which means some of your big toe and the next toe are visible. If you are going with this style of heel, it is a good idea to have your nails painted!

High Heeled Boots

Boots are an essential part of any person’s wardrobe, and if you like to take things to the next level you should invest in high heeled boots. There are plenty of options for this style, you can get ankle heeled boots, or have heeled boots that go up your thigh and sit near your knee.


Sometimes walking in really thin heels can be a little daunting, and this is where something like a chunky heel can be your saving grace, especially if you don’t want to go with a wedge option. As the name suggests, a chunky heel has a thicker heel section, which helps to keep us steadier on our feet!


If you are looking to make a fashion statement and love wearing heels, but don’t like the styles that are too high, then the kitten heel is a fantastic option. If you are going to be on your feet for a while during the day, or you don’t require a lot of extra height, this style of heel should be in your closet. 


Pretty much the polar opposite of the kitten heels, stiletto heels are the highest of all the heels, and tend to have the thinnest heel section as well. If you are opting for this style of heel, it is important that you know how to properly walk in them. This way you limit the potential for an injury, and you don’t look silly trying to walk!

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