How To Ask For A Promotion Into A Leadership Position

Some people are lucky in that they don’t have to ask for a promotion, they just get one, if you are not one of those lucky people, then you will have to ask for the promotion yourself. Asking for a promotion into a leadership position can be difficult, but if you don’t ask, you won’t receive! 

How To Ask For A Promotion Into A Leadership Position

The process of asking for a promotion is very important, and you should ensure that you are going about it the right way. You need to have a plan and know what you are going to say, it is even a good idea to think about potential responses from your employer and have a response to that as well.

If you are gearing up to ask your boss for a promotion into a leadership position, then have a read on below at some of the best tips:

Inquire Informally

The first step is to start an informal conversation with your boss. This type of conversion will give you some level of indication on whether the business is willing or has the capacity to offer a promotion. Start talking about how you are looking to take your career to the next step, and you can briefly explain why you think now is the right time for you to make that step. 

After you’ve got some of the answers from your informal conversation, you can then decide on what to do next. If it is pretty clear that the business will not be open to considering promoting you into a leadership position now or in the future, then you need to think about whether you should leave to another place where you can see the career progression you are looking for.

Ask The Person Who’s Leaving

If you are looking to apply for a leadership role that has become available due to the fact that someone within the company is leaving, then you should definitely consider asking them why they are leaving. If they have negative things to say about their role or the company in general, you should think twice about applying for the open role.

If the person is happy with the company and their role, you could ask them for more guidance on what it took for them to successfully perform in that role. You could also ask for feedback on your own performance and see what they think about you potentially applying for that role.

Produce a Formal Presentation

If you decide you want to pursue applying for a promotion, then it is a good idea to put together a formal, yet brief presentation as to why the company should be looking at you for the promotion. A simple PowerPoint presentation can go a long way, but you need to also ensure your presentation skills are up to scratch. You want to walk in with confidence and speak in a clear manner, show the business exactly why you deserve a leadership position.

Ensure Enough Experience

You can’t ask for a promotion on day two of your new job. This is something that you need to build up to. It is important that you have enough experience to perform properly if you were to get promoted to a leadership position. It could also be a good idea to slowly ask for more responsibilities within the business. 

This could naturally lead to a promotion, without you having to formally ask. Being in a leadership position requires a different set of skills compared to being a lower level employee, so you need to ensure you are experienced enough.

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