Best Bars To Visit When In Scotland

In addition to Scotland being a part of the UK, it has more than 790 islands. There are many reasons for Scotland’s popularity, including its mountains and islands as well as its status as the world’s most beautiful nation in 2019. Since it is the most beautiful country in the world, there is no doubt one thing — it is full of beautiful places, and it provides good facilities for everything like education, health, and many more. 

Best Bars To Visit When In Scotland

But in this short article you will learn about some of the best bars in Scotland you should visit. Scotland is known around the world for its wide variety of whiskey. One thing needs to be clarified: this number is not a ranking, it is just a method for listing. 

1• Curly Coo Bar

The Curly Coo bar is located in Stirling and is known for offering a wide selection of drinks. It is one of the incredible whiskey bars with 200+ whiskey selection, great atmosphere and friendly staff.

2• The Bow Bar

This is a lovely little bar in the old town serving a fantastic array of local craft and real ale beers, ciders and spirits. Bar staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. This bar is located at 80 W Bow, Edinburgh.

3• Captains Bar

It is a great place to hear folk music played by talented local artists at Captains Bar. Definitely a place you need to check out while in Edinburgh. Although this bar is tucked away in a tiny spot, its staff welcomes guests in a very warm and friendly manner. 

4• The Ben Nevis

At the Ben Nevis in Argyle Street, you can choose from a comprehensive collection of excellent whiskey at an extremely reasonable price. In Ben Nevis you’ll also find great and friendly bartenders. 

5•  Frankenstein

This is an amazing horror themed bar with three different levels. There is an amazing atmosphere in the bar due to the lighting effects and decor. The Frankenstein bar is located at 26 George IV bridge, Edinburgh and is also known for its good food and drinks. 

6• Thistle Street Bar

A small beer garden and Scottish bar food can be found on offer at Thistle Street Bar, a cosy, atmospheric establishment in 39 Thistle St which has dark wood, booths, TVs and Scottish-style bar food. Cocktails made with rum are delicious and available in a wide range.

7• The Pot Still

It is located in 154 Hope Street, Glasgow, an area that is famous for its malt whiskies, which are displayed above a traditional bar and range in style, strength, and maturity. 

8• The World’s End

Fish, chips, and burgers are the main attraction at this bar, located at 2-8 High Street, Edinburgh. Great food and nice staff are two of the things people like about this establishment. 

9• The Piper Whiskey Bar

Glasgow’s Piper Whiskey Bar is located at 57 Cochrane Street in the City Centre. Even in a pub as traditional as this, this amazing bar offers vegetarian options. A great variety of drinks, great food and a nice atmosphere are some of the major factors that attract so many customers to this bar. 


In Scotland, you will find a lot of wonderful bars.  There is not enough space here to cover them all, but all the bars that are listed above are some of the best bars in Scotland according to reviews and comments from their customers. I hope we have not overlooked some of the most famous and best bars in Scotland. Let us know if we have.

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