Best Type Of Shoes To Wear On a Beach Holiday

Beach trips are one of the most exciting summer or holiday vacay. However, as people began their item beach plan, many issues arose. “What outfits are perfect for beaches?” or “What item to pack that will fit in the luggage?” is among them. 

Best Type Of Shoes To Wear On a Beach Holiday

Packing items to wear on the beach matters, and among all of those, shoes are probably the last one on the list. Beach shoes are often overlooked, but they can make a big difference. In choosing the best type of beach shoes, consider the following: weather, water activities, events, even temperature.

Flip Flops

Flip-flops will always be a top option when it comes to what shoes to wear on beach holidays. Flip-flops are durable since they are made to withstand splashing waves and heat. It’s also easy to rinse off and clean. They are comfortable to wear; even if you walk around miles on the shore, your feet won’t hurt. 

Flip-flops have an open design, which means you can easily take them off and put them on. They are incredible to wear. Depending on the design you choose, you can have flip flops with trendy decorations and trinkets. 

If you’re planning on chilling on the beach all day long, this will be your friend. They will protect your feet while making you presentable and not underdressed. 

Water Shoes

Water shoes are the type of beach shoes that people will neglect. It is crucial to keep since you will never know what kinds of beach type, activities, and situations you might face. For instance, you are going on a beach trip planning to do island hopping, hoping that it’s fine white sand. However, you encounter a dark, rocky, and rough island. Your feet may get bruises and hurt. 

Water shoes will keep your feet protected at all times. They are also light and compact to bring. If you don’t want to spend money on water shoes, water socks are an alternative option. These two are recommended for a variety of sports, including kayaking and wakeboarding, and all types of beaches. 


Sneakers for the beach? You might be surprised by this one, but yes, definitely! At first thought, sneakers are uncomfortable for the beach and seem hot and heavy. Not to mention that it’s costly and can be impaired when exposed to water. 

There are numerous sneakers present in the market that are light, street creed, yet comfortable. Sneaker types like these are perfect; even if you dive into the ocean, your shoes will emerge unscathed and safe. Sneakers will come in handy if you also plan a hiking activity while on your beach trip. 


Of course, you can never leave out a good and comfortable pair of heels on your beach trip. This shoe is perfect for a beach trip since it came in handy to instantly dress up in any outfit. Are you planning to have a romantic dinner by the beach? Gear up, be fashionable and be comfortable throughout the night while wearing these wedges. 

Open Sandals

Sometimes, a pair of flip-flops won’t make sense because what you are gearing for is to be fashionable with your outfits. Even if flip-flops are comfortable to wear, they will not look good in an Instagramable picture. It is where open sandals or fancy flats came to the rescue. These sandals are helpful for day trips. They make your fit look elevated while still allowing your feet to breathe in humid conditions. 

Trendy Sandals

Including a fashionable flat sandal in your packing list is a must. It is perfect if you want to make your outfits stand out. It’s a terrific shoe for walking in the nearby city or on the beach without looking like a tourist.

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