Important Things To Pack When Traveling To Africa

You have planned your next voyage, that is Africa! It is impossible to deny that a journey to Africa is thrilling. It is a dream for many people to see many animals in safaris, discover the continent’s unfound beauty, and see firsthand what it’s like.

Important Things To Pack When Traveling To Africa

Even with anticipation, you still have something to prepare for, pack, and get off in your checklist, especially if it’s your first time visiting. To assist you, we put up a list of the necessities and the must-haves that will come in handy when traveling to Africa. 

Packing Cubes

It’s nearly impossible that you will bring limited clothes and essentials when you go to Africa. In fact, your things might not fit in your luggage at all! To prevent this, packing cubes will be your best friend. It will help you stay organized with all of your things, and you can place them in your luggage and transfer them later on in your backpack. 

The best way you can utilize them is separating—put your bottoms and pants in one cub, shirts and upper clothing in another cube, essentials in another, and so on. These cubes come in sets, mostly 4-piece and 6-piece. 


Traveling to Africa can be dusty, adventurous, and wild. You should expect that your luggage would only be sitting in your hotel because it’s heavy and would take a lot of beating if you bring them everywhere. You must bring a large and sturdy backpack enough to fit your necessities. 

There are numerous backpacks available in the market. However, you have to invest in a high-quality, compact, and durable one; which one you choose depends on your specific needs. Some of the recommended backpacks are Men’s Osprey Atmos AG 65, Women’s Osprey Packs Renn 50, and Osprey Daypack. 

Quick Drying Towel 

A quick-drying towel is what you need no matter where you go in Africa. You will not only go to see animals or explore the wild, but you can also swim and hike, or lounge on the seaside or by the pool. It would help if you had a towel to keep you dry and would dry fast as you put them under the sun. 

Hiking Pants and Shoes

As mentioned, there are numerous adventures you can do when you travel in Africa; one of them is hiking. Hiking pants should be lightweight, made of synthetic material, and quick-drying too. They are the product you’ll wear most of the time because they are comfortable, easy to wear, antibacterial, and keeps mosquitos away from your legs. 

Hiking high-quality shoes that will make you more relaxed on high-intensity hikes or trails is a must. Africa’s hottest climates will not require you to bring water-resistant shoes, but you can bring regular shoes or ventilated shoes instead.

Power Bank

Power outages are present in many areas in Africa. Having a power bank with at least 10 000 mah is enough to keep you connected even when the electricity goes out. 

Instagramable Outfits

Africa was perceived as a place with many vast lands and villages instead of cities, which doesn’t mean you’ll only see rural areas and wild woods. There are numerous places—bars, restaurants, landmarks worthy of being captured, and your beautiful outfit that complement the place. People would be eager to see your beauty as you post them on Instagram. 

Flip Flops

You can never go wrong by bringing a pair of Flip flops, no matter what activity you do. They are perfect if you want to rest your feet from wearing shoes all day long. If you’re staying in a villa or resort with a pool and jacuzzi, definitely it’s something you can wear. 

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