Bikini vs One Piece: Which One Should You Choose

It can be challenging to choose between a bikini and one-piece since both swimsuit styles have pros and cons. Their unique cuts can make them look stunning on one person – and not so stunning on the other, all depending on their body type.

Bikini vs One Piece: Which One Should You Choose

Although your body type is a big factor in choosing between the two, not all bikinis and one-pieces are the same. They can make you look equally beautiful if you select the correct cut, design, and color. Finally, the choice will depend on your personal style too.

Although you can have both a sexy bikini and an elegant one-piece swimsuit, if you want to pick only one – this article will help you make the correct choice. 

One-Piece Swimsuits

The main difference between the one-piece and the bikini option is the coverage. The one-piece swimsuit is made with only one piece of fabric, so it covers your midsection.  There are both cupped and non-cupped options, so women of any breast size can comfortably wear this style and feel supported.

These swimsuits are more appropriate if you plan to be active, whether it is swimming, playing beach volleyball, or surfing. They will keep you covered and will make you feel secure while you’re active. Another bonus of one-piece swimsuits is their versatility. You can pair them with skirts and shorts and wear them as a bodysuit. This option is perfect for going to a bar after swimming or when enjoying a pool party. 

Although they are more modest than bikinis, they are not boring. There are tons of fun and colorful prints you can choose from, to stand out on the beach. They are also flattering, especially when they incorporate strategic design elements that accentuate your figure. 

These can be cuts along the cleavage and the sides of your waist, open back styles, waist belts, ruffles on the straps, or bandage styles. These elements accentuate a part of your body while concealing the others. 

Make sure the details are situated around the part of your body you want to show off. The disadvantage of one-piece swimsuits is that they can be unflattering if you don’t get a good style. Additionally, they’re not a perfect choice if you want to tan, as they will leave your entire midsection whiter than the rest of your body. 


Bikinis are made of two parts, panties and a bra, so they expose your midsection. Still, there are tons of styles you can choose from, including high-waisted briefs which conceal your gut and accentuate your waist. The variety of styles is one of the best things about bikinis. Except for high-waisted briefs, you can also find standard cut panties, Brazilian bottoms, thongs, and even skirts. There are also many styles when it comes to tops, from sports bras, wired bras, as well as the classic triangular top. 

Like with one-piece swimsuits, bikinis also come in a wide array of prints and styles. You can also mix and match bikinis, which is especially useful if you want to accentuate one part of your body and hide the other. 

Bikinis are great for tanning and lounging but don’t work so well with activities. It is possible they will uncover a part of your body, especially if you go for strappy style. If you still want to be active with a bikini, go for sports bras and regular panties without too many straps or details. 

Regardless of whether you opt for a bikini or one-piece, make sure it’s something that will fit your active needs and body type. Something that looks gorgeous on a model can be unflattering for you. If you’re not able to try the swimsuit in the shop and are shopping online, try to look for photos of models and other buyers who have a similar body type.

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