Tips For Dealing With A Long Distance Relationship

Life has given you a chance and you have a person that’s worth holding on to and you are finally ready to make it work. But the only downside is that either they are living far or they are moving to another place because of work commitments. Now you don’t want to end a relationship simply because the love interest is living miles and miles away. Yes, the long-distance relationship is tough and overwhelming but it’s nothing that’s impossible to maintain if you are willing to make it work. 

Tips For Dealing With A Long Distance Relationship

So, we have curated a list of do’s and don’ts that can help keep the relationship satisfying even if you get to see each other a few times in a month or year perhaps.

Mutually Decide On Level Of Communication:

While starting a relationship with your partner, you have to discuss openly how much communication is expected as well as needed to keep the spark alive. A perfect balance is absolutely a must where partners know that less is always more when it comes to communication. Partners should not feel that distance can be compensated by constant communication so a healthy and balanced communication is absolutely vital to keep the relationship going. This is how you can be emotionally connected to your partner as well without the need of being clingy and possessive.

Partners Should Do Things Together Even If Miles Away:

Just because you and your partner are countries, continents or cities away from each other doesn’t mean you can not do stuff of your mutual interest together. Rather it’s a brilliant way to stay connected with having some fun as well. From online quizzes to binge watching Netflix series together, from playing online games to watching a documentary could be some of the ideas that can make the relationship fun and a way to feel connected as well.

Set Some Clear Healthy Boundaries:

Partners are meant to make each other safe and comfortable so it is vital that they do not indulge in anything that makes the long-distance relationship threatening, unsafe and uncomfortable. Both the partners need to be clear while setting up certain boundaries so you don’t get by surprise with each other’s actions. Adhering to the set boundaries also means how you respect each other’s individuality and likes and dislikes.

Do Respect The Reason Why It Is A Long Distance Relationship:

Yes, long distance relationships aren’t something easy and can take a toll on the relationship. Which is why sometimes partners out of sheer impulsiveness can quit their professional’s studies, dream jobs to be with their partners. Although it might sound romantic at a particular time but an impulsive decision always lands you in trouble because the reason why it is a long-distance relationship should always be kept in mind. The reasons might be financial, due to a family situation or for career building decisions so keep the vital reason in mind and do not play with your future just for a timely pleasure.

Do Not Ignore Being Intimate With Each Other:

Romance is an integral part of any relationship and long-distance relationships are no less. Partners in long-distance relationship need to keep the spark ignited by sexting (Sexual texts) and all that intimate stuff that one can possibly do sitting afar from each other. Find a mutual suitable time and send each other photos, sexts, romantic emails, erotic texts etc. and avoid intimate conversations during important meetings, work etc.

Send Each Other Gifts:

You don’t have to send OTT surprises and expensive gifts to make your partner feel special. From handwritten love notes to post cards, cool t-shirts to flowers and chocolates on birthdays, and special occasions, sexy gifts on valentines can be such good ideas to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship.

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