How To Find The Right Bag For Your Outfit

Although diamonds are said to be a girl’s closest friend, purses are the true MVPs. What else can you use to keep your wallet, phone, and lipgloss while still adding a final touch to any outfit?

How To Find The Right Bag For Your Outfit

Do you find it difficult to match your purse to your outfit? Do you have a habit of not changing your luggage no matter what your plans are for the day? It may appear that choosing the appropriate handbag is a difficult undertaking, but it does not have to be. Today, I’m going to share some of my go-to suggestions for finding a handbag that goes with your outfit.

Handbag Shapes vs. Body Shapes

Choose a form that is the polar opposite of your body silhouette if you want to hide a body type. If you are tall and skinny, for example, a slouchy, rounded hobo bag might help to impart curves to your shape. If you’re short and curvy, use a purse that is tall and rectangular or long and sleek to playoff contrasts (like a clutch).

In general, the more structured your bag should be, the rounder your shape. That doesn’t mean you have to carry a heavy box about to balance out your feminine figure: soft leathers and textiles in rectangle or square forms would suffice. A huge rectangular clutch purse, for example, would look excellent on a small, curved shape.

Consider The Occasion

The first and most crucial consideration is usually always where you’re heading. It determines what you wear. Despite the above-mentioned contemporary innovation in fashion, there are two laws that haven’t altered much:

1. An athletic bag is a no-no if you’re dressing up (even if you’ve seen it done on the runway). For a formal occasion, such as a wedding, go for a clutch.

2. High-end, exquisite purses don’t go with super-casual clothing (we’re looking at you, Yoga Pants). If you’re going to brunch with the girls, a leather crossbody purse is a way to go.


One of the most crucial factors to consider when matching a purse to your outfit is its utility. A bag is much more than a fashion statement; it serves several purposes. Imagine going to a casual or formal occasion looking all put-together and elegant, only to have your phone, cash, jotter, or makeup/hairbrush slip out of your hands, making you appear untidy and unorganized. Your handbag is a secure haven that is both functional and fashionable, allowing you to carry everything you need for your outing.

Keep The Balance

Two of our favorite things are prints and textures. A patterned or textured handbag may be used to create a variety of different appearances. However, you must maintain a sense of equilibrium. Your objective is to attract people’s attention without “overloading” them.

Try a monochromatic ensemble with contrasting colors and/or patterned bags. If your dress is printed, choose a color from the design and complement it with a purse in the same hue. At the same time, pay attention to the hardware, particularly if it’s metallic. Gold hardware should be paired with gold accessories, and silver should be paired with silver, and so on. Hardware that contrasts seldom works.

Remember, these are just some fundamental, foundational pointers to assist you in developing your own unique, creative style in today’s loud, contemporary environment. The limitations of the past have dissipated. It’s entirely up to you how you use your newfound fashion freedom.

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