Biggest Jewellery Trends You Should Consider

Love wearing jewelry to spice up your outfits? Need the inspiration to try something different? Look no further. This blog post will help you find trendy jewelry that’ll suit your style and taste.

Biggest Jewellery Trends You Should Consider

From statement jewellery to simple pieces, from timeless to eccentric – here are some of the biggest jewellery trends you should consider.

Statement necklaces

Nothing can elevate a minimal outfit like a statement necklace. They were always a favorite of jewelry enthusiasts – and here are some modern ideas that are all the rage this year.

  • Statement necklaces which contrast your hair color or skin tone. Think blue necklaces for cool skin tones, or a green necklace if you’re a redhead. You can also try to contrast the color of your outfit.
  • Currently, layered necklaces are a big thing. You can buy layered necklaces, or create your own combinations. For example, you can combine a simple pendant necklace and a choker, for a seductive, feminine look.
  • Chains are also very popular and look good on nearly any outfit. Opt for small chains and a layered option, or get a single thick chain. 

Nostalgia for our teenage years

Bold colors, cute charms, and acrylic rings are no longer reserved for teens alone. You’ll find some type of this playful jewelry trend in nearly any shop. They’re perfect for the days when you’re extra cheerful and feel like making your outfit more playful. Here are a couple of trends you can try:

  • Acrylic and resin pieces are all over Instagram right now. From neon hoops to multipacks of chunky acrylic rings, these pieces scream the 90s and early 2000s vibes. If you want something more subtle, try handmade resin jewelry with contrasting color combinations or incorporated dried flowers.
  • Inspired by the 80s friendship jewelry trend, charms and beads are again a big thing. Many shops offer beaded bracelets that look just like the ones you loved wearing as a kid, and there are options with more classy gold and rose-colored charms. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can also buy some beads and make your own trendy jewelry.
  • Mismatched earrings are another playful trend you can try. Opt for a bold earring on one side and a small bead on the other. You can also shop for mismatched earring sets, with two different earrings which share a similar color palette or a message.

Pearls came back

For a while, pearls were considered outdated – but not anymore. Today, you can find modern takes on a classy pearl look. Perfect for your fancy parties or romantic dinners, pearls will make every outfit look more elegant and sophisticated. Here are some trends you can try:

  • In the past, only perfectly rounded pearls were used for jewellery. Today, you can find them in their irregular, organic shape which makes for a chic casual look. Irregular pearls look particularly good when paired with simple drop earrings.
  • Multi Layered necklaces and bracelets are another way to wear irregular pearls, and many options combine them with gold elements for an additional classy touch. 

Embroidery and lace

Embroidery recently came back as a trendy hobby, so it’s no wonder you can find intricately embroidered jewelry pieces. There are also those made with lace and those which combine the two. 

  • Try a belt with lace elements if you want to create a streamlined silhouette and bring your dress up a notch.
  • When you want to feel extra classy, try a crocheted choker or earrings inspired by old-school lace patterns.
  • Try a handmade embroidered choker for an eye-catching look that gives you alternative vibes. By getting handmade pieces – you’re also supporting small businesses.
  •  There are endless options when it comes to colors of embroidered jewellery, so make sure you get something that matches or complements the main colors in your wardrobe

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