Essential Clothing Items For Babies

If you are a new mom or a mom-to-be heading to a baby shop, it is totally understandable to be overwhelmed by a variety of baby essentials and buy everything in sight. Before you look for a choice of colors and adorable prints, what needs to be taken into consideration is the practicality, the comfort level and safety while buying the essentials for a new born baby. Now if you are looking at all those cute tiny booties and body suits and tutus and clearly have no idea what to buy and how much, then here is a complete guide at your perusal.

Essential Clothing Items For Babies
  • 7-10 Onesies Or Rompers:

Body suit is one baby essential that is always on the new parents list. They are convenient as well as no-fuss clothing essentials that will never be enough.  7-10 onesies necessary to be kept in the baby wardrobe so that they are enough for a whole week while extra when laundry isn’t done. Go for short sleeved bodysuits for the summers and long sleeved bodysuits for the winter season. Also do not go for buttoned ones and instead buy kimono style or zip up ones until their umbilical cord comes off. 

  • 3-6 Sleepers/Stretch Suits:

Just like onesies, sleepers are another most important baby essential that should be bought when one’s baby comes home. Sleepers are not just good for the night time, but these stretch suits are also great to layer up with swaddles during the winters or colder months. The only suggestion is to buy slippers that have scratch mitts attracted to it so that the baby doesn’t scratch himself during the nap time. The cloth changing time will not be difficult as such because once you open the sleepers, the baby’s feet will pop right out if a rapid diaper change is needed.

  • 2 Beanie’s:

One of the most important baby clothing essentials that should be on your checklist is the beanies. Other than making the baby look super cute and adorable, for the first few weeks, beanies will keep the baby warm (don’t make them wear it during the sleep time). During winters, fleece beanies or hats will save your child from shivering. Keep 2 beanies in stock so that one can be given in the laundry if the other is in use.

  • 6-8 Pairs Of Socks:

Newborns are prone to catching cold all the time so socks should be on your checklist to keep those little feet warm and cozy. Buy at least 6 to 8 pairs of socks because these are going to last for at least first 3 months of the newborn. It is recommended to get all pairs of socks in same color so you don’t have to keep matching the socks all the time. If its winter season, get two pairs to keep them extra warm.

  • 4 Pair Of Mittens:

Cover those adorable little hands with mittens. Newborns’ nails grow by each day so it is important to cover those nails so that they don’t scratch themselves and get hurt. For the first 3 months, new parents will be extra cautious by clipping their nails away, but their fine motor can get the best of them so it is important to avoid any accidental scratches.

  • 1 Jacket/Coat Or A Bunting:

This is for all the babies that are supposed to be born in winters or are already dealing with colder months. 1 jacket or a coat is extremely important as a second layer to keep the tiny beings warm and fuzzy. If the child is born in colder regions then it is vital to get a full body outerwear just like a bunting that will make sure that baby is snug and safe in cold weather.

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