How To Dress Casual Chic

Casual chic style is the go-to option for men and women who want to look smart and put together while also feeling comfortable. This look is perfect for work and other occasions where you want to put in a little more effort while still maintaining that casual vibe. Dressing casual-chic doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. The secret is in clever and strategic shopping.

How To Dress Casual Chic

Like with every fashion style, the idea is to build a wardrobe with fashion items that go well together and allow you to create a variety of stylish combinations. Here’s a guide on what to buy and how to style your outfits if you want to dress casual chic.

How To Dress Casual Chic For Women

Women love this style because it allows them to feel feminine and trendy and meets the dress code in nearly any situation. The basic idea of the casual-chic style for women is to combine classic work clothes with your casual items. For example, you can combine a nice pair of shoes and a blazer with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

One of the tricks to appear well-dressed with minimal effort is combining different fabrics and textures. Different textures automatically make it feel like your outfits are more expensive and sophisticated. For example, try adding a silk scarf to your casual jeans and leather jacket outfit, for an instant chic effect. 

You already have your casual dresses, shirts, and jeans, so the only thing left to do is get a couple of more formal items. Some good ideas are a blazer, a pair of classic tailored black slacks, a midi or maxi skirt or dress, and several blouses. Get these items in limited and subtle colors, to make it easy to create a balanced outfit.

Once you build this basic wardrobe, you can create a more eye-catching look with accessories. Think elegant bags, heels, belts, scarfs, and statement jewelry. When getting accessories, you can be more relaxed and playful, to create your individual version of the casual-chic style. 

How To Dress Casual Chic For Men 

Many men want to dress smart, but don’t want to wear suits every day. Casual chic is a great style if you’re one of those guys – and the best thing is, it’s really easy to achieve. The most important thing if you want to wear this style is to get clothes that are well-made and fit you well. When the clothes offer a perfect fit, they’ll automatically have the tailored vibe and make you look more elegant and put together.

The main idea behind the casual-chic style for men is the same as for women. You combine your casual items with more formal clothes, like an oxford shirt with chino pants and a pair of casual shoes or even sneakers.

The easiest way to build your closet is to stick to subtle colors and try to have a limited palette, so it’s easy to combine your clothes. Think navy, gray, muted green, white and beige tones. These colors match the colors we usually see in suits, making it instantly appear as you took some time and effort for your outfit. 

Once you build a solid wardrobe with a couple of o button-up shirts, a blazer or two, chinos and dark jeans, and a good pair of shoes, you can experiment. Mix and match between your casual and formal attire, and find your version of the casual-chic style. In the end, once you know the basic guidelines, the best thing to do is to combine the items in your own way, for you to feel confident and comfortable in your new style. 

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