What to Do When You Think Your Partner is Cheating On You

“Your partner is cheating on you” might be the last thing someone would want to listen to when in a relationship. Statistics show that 25 % of married and 40% of unmarried relationships face cheating at least once in their relationship life. Let’s discover what you can do when you think your partner is cheating on you.

What to Do When You Think Your Partner is Cheating On You

Confirm First

Before believing that you have been cheated, it is always better to confirm first. It might be just a misunderstanding or your perception. Not talking to you for a while or not being interested in joint activities doesn’t always mean cheating.  If you have spotted them with someone else on message or phone, the other person might be a friend. Talk to them to discover what is going on.

Accept it

If the discussion concludes that your partner is cheating on you, what to do then? The answer is, accept it first. It is difficult to accept the truth, though, but come out of the denial phase as soon as possible. You can think of healing yourself or moving on only when you believe you have been cheated on.

Be Yourself Anyway

It is common to start feeling pitiful after being cheated on. One starts to underestimate and blame oneself. That is not a good idea. You are good enough to be liked and loved by people around you. You dont need to feel underconfident or less likable only because someone didn’t value your worth.

Don’t Show As if You Don’t Care

Don’t try to overcome the pain by ignoring it. You invested your emotions, love, and time in a relationship. Embrace it and show sad if you feel so. But don’t put it on your nerves. Take a week or two, not to cry on your worthlessness, but to make yourself realize that not everyone can appreciate the true value of kindness and love.

Neither Hide Nor Broadcast

You don’t need to hide your partner’s infidelity just because of what people around you would think. If someone asks you, tell them that you have recently discovered this and are trying to cope with it with grace and patience. On the other hand, don’t broadcast it everywhere on your own. People are not interested in cry babies, and no one has the solution except yourself. 

Heal Yourself

Healing yourself is necessary. Take your time; take the break from social media or social interaction if you want. Don’t think much about the time spent in the relationship. Hug yourself and give a pat on your back for being so strong in all situations. Talk to a friend or sibling for catharsis and to shed that burden on your shoulders. No one loves you more than yourself, so do care for yourself. 

Discuss with Yourself

Now is the time to decide about the future. Do you want to give your partner a second chance or feel like moving on? Will giving them a second chance somewhere hurt your self-respect, or is it their right to be given another chance? Maybe they got sidetracked because of your ignorance. Or the other person was cunning enough to mislead them seamlessly. Think carefully and decide what your feel better for yourself.

The Takeaway

Never jump to a conclusion right away. Even eye-witnessed situations are not the reality sometimes. Before making a final decision, take your time and never compromise on your self-respect.

Stay Strong!

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