How to Dress Properly For an Interview

Imagine a bride wearing sneakers and worn-out jeans. Or a lady at a funeral with a red scarf. How mismatched. Right? Of Course, there is nothing wrong with wearing trendy sneakers or a red scarf. But things are meant to be used in appropriate situations; otherwise, they loose the enchantments. The same goes for your interview attire. If you don’t know how to dress properly for an interview, behold then. Although not mentioned in the job requirements, a proper dress code has a weightage in the final selection. 

How to Dress Properly For an Interview

Okay, now that you have decided to dress appropriately for an interview. What is that proper dressing? Let’s move to our 1st point to know about it. 

Stop and Think about the Type of Job

If you are going for a job interview in a corporate organization, you should choose one formal dressing. If you are going for a field job interview, the semi-formal or the casual business dressing can be selected. 

Keep reading to know about the formal and business casual attire, and choose the one that suits you. And yes, we have the options for both men and women in our ideas bucket. 

Start with the Dress Selection

Dress Choices for Men

If deciding on a business formal, go for a dark-colored matching business suit. Choose a collared shirt and a tie that goes well with your pants and jacket color. If wearing a black suit, off-white, white or beige color shirt would go well with it. Choose a doted or plain black or grey tie to complete the look. 

Choose from the dress, button-down, or a polo shirt with jeans without holes for a business casual setting.

Dress Choices for Women

A dress pant or a slit skirt with a matching jacket or coat is suggested for the formal dressing. Pair a light-colored collared blouse or shirt with the dress. Ensure that the shirt is not too revealing and the skirt length is on or a little above the knee.

You can choose tidy dark jeans with a blouse or sweater for casual dressing. You can also go for khakis or skirts with button-down shirts. If you live in a cold region, you can add warm tights to your attire anytime.

Shoes and Accessories Next

Shoes and Accessories Choices for Men

Smart, freshly-polished black shoes would go well with the suit for a formal business interview. Choose round or square-tipped lace-up shoes rather than pointed ones. Complement your look with an analog watch and a tie pin. Don’t go for a bow. It doesn’t look professional.

You can choose brown shoes or loafers for a casual business environment. Don’t forget to hide the tattoos or piercing and gel and set your hair before leaving for the interview. 

Keep a black or brown leather bag with you for the documents.

Shoes and Accessories Choices for Women

For professional business attire, you can opt between heels and flats as per your comfort. If you can’t carry heels, go for flat shoes confidently. Just ensure that the shoes cover your toes and heels. You can wear see-through socks of beige color.

For a semi-formal interview, you can choose flat shoes or loafers of classic black color or snake print shoes. Don’t overdo the jewelry. Just choose a nice ring and a bracelet. Alternatively, you can wear simple earrings and an analog wristwatch.

Carry a nice-looking shoulder bag and wear a deodorant rather than cologne. 

Final Thoughts

Done with the choice of dress, shoes, and accessories for your interview? Ensure to choose the adequately fitted clothing and shoes to feel comfortable while carrying them. Be confident on the day of the interview. Prepare well and give your best. Oh yes, don’t forget to wear your ever-shining smile on the day.

Good luck with the interview!

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