How to Overcome Your First Fight

The first fight in a relationship is usually the first step towards the practical phase and the last step of the honeymoon phase. So, instead of feeling depressed, you must look for some tips to overcome your first fight and all that happens later in the relationship. This article will guide you enough to survive your first fight. 

How to Overcome Your First Fight

Let’s begin!

Calm Down and Relax

After the fight, the first feelings that one encounters are anxiety, anger, and thoughts of leaving the relationship. It is ok and normal to develop these feelings, but taking the abrupt decisions out of emotions is not ok. Have a glass of water, give some time to yourself and your partner and try to stay quiet even if you don’t feel like doing so. 

Think of the Reason Neutrally

Now that you had calmed your nerves down, think of the situation when the fight began. Can you remember the beginning of the argument? You probably know the real culprit if you think neutrally about the whole situation. If it is you, dare to apologize. If it is your partner, wait for some time before making them realize. 

Don’t Escape the Situation

It is a good idea to calm down and stay quiet for some time, but don’t escape the situation by never confronting it. Whether you, your partner, or someone else is the reason, talk about it. Clear the misunderstanding and correct the miscommunication before deciding to leave the relationship. 

Don’t Text Rather Talk Directly

Text messaging is an emotionless communication channel that never carries your feelings along with the message. Discussion on messages ends up in a more entangled situation. We recommend you discuss the issue face to face instead of allowing text messages to ruin the relationship. Your partner would better understand your point when discussing it in person.

Quit Trying to Win

Trying to win an argument often ends up losing your place in your loved one’s heart. It doesn’t mean that you should keep quiet even if you are right. Just be kind with your words selection and the arguments. It’s not about winning a war but saving the relationship.  

Never Involve Third Person

Never! I repeat, never involve anyone to solve the dispute or even share your feelings after the fight. Be they a friend, a sibling, or parents of you or your partner, sharing your personals with them would end up even worsening the relationship. Miscommunication is the most common reason for a broken relationship, and the involvement of a third person causes miscommunication. It is always better to figure out and resolve the issues among you two.

Don’t put it on Social Media

Your relationship status from ‘In a relationship’ to ‘complicated’ is the last thing your partner would want to see on your social media account. Updating the taunting or sad status would only let the others know that something is wrong. But it will not help in any way to resolve or overcome your first fight. People looking at your status updates are not interested in resolving them either. Contrarily, they would start considering you a cry baby.

A Bonus Tip

They say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” They are right. It is common to say rubbish during the fight even if the person saying them doesn’t mean it. Remembering those words and reminding yourself and your partner about those things now and then would rather harm your relationship than do good. If you have decided to move on with your partner, delete the fight memories from your conscious and carry on happily.

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