Which Sports Are The Easiest to Pickup As An Adult

Joining recreation sports as an adult can be intimidating because when we were kids, going to daily practice or competing in a game was that we looked forward to but as we grow older, it becomes harder to find opportunities to exercise.

Which Sports Are The Easiest to Pickup As An Adult

If you still have the competitive urge and are looking for picking up sports to work out and potentially socialize at the same time. I’ve made a list of some sports activities that you can pick up as an adult; because I am a firm believer that anyone can pick up anything at any point in their life and succeed and thrive at it if they put in the time and effort.

Running and Track

Running is one of the most common sports activities for any age group when it comes to competition. It is also the best cardiovascular exercise and good for burning fat. You can take running seriously and compete in distance racing, and even train for marathons.


If you are looking for an easy way to stay fit and burn calories? Then look no further than Football. It is a traditional sport that has been around for ages and is played all around the world and has simple rules that are easy to comprehend.


It might come as a surprise to see frisbee on this list but thousands of people compete in recreational and competitive frisbee leagues. If you’ve never played before, frisbee is a great sport that requires teamwork to compete, all the while having fun and burning calories. If you love running outside and looking to socialize as well then frisbee might be the sport for you.


Swimming is so good for your body and especially for those with joint problems who are looking to avoid higher impact sports such as tennis and basketball. The great thing about swimming is that you can work out on your schedule or with friends and you won’t need to rely on participating in a league to have a good time. Swimming does not only provide full-cardio and strength training, but it can also prove to be a lifesaving skill.


Badminton can be a great opportunity to get a good workout in while you bring out the competitive side of your spouse and spend quality together. This sport puts your agility, teamwork, and coordination to the test. Picking this sport up as an adult is not hard because it doesn’t require much running around, and doesn’t require to be practiced in areas where lots of people are.


Climbing is one of the sports that can be performed individually, and you don’t need to have mountains around you, rock climbing gyms are great ways to meet people, build strength, and have fun. Rock climbing is best for you if you enjoy working with your hands, think critically, and are passionate to learn new skills.


We all have learned how to ride a bike as a kid, or maybe not. But it’s a great way to meet people and stay active. Before you go purchase a bike, you need to be aware that there are different types of bikes for different needs; for example, if you are interested in riding in rough terrain you need a mountain bike that can handle the rough terrain, or if you interested in riding in the city you need a bike which provides a smoother rider for long-distance.

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