How To Find The Best Necklace For Your Body

When we’re searching for necklaces, we usually think about current trends and our personal style. But there’s another thing we can think about when getting a necklace – does it flatter our figure?

How To Find The Best Necklace For Your Body

The thing is, even if a certain style of necklace is currently popular or you love how it looks – it’s possible it’s not the best necklace for your body. A necklace can highlight or conceal certain features. Another thing we should think about is our clothes, specifically the neckline of our tops. A clever combination of a necklace and our top can bring the whole look together. 

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect necklace for your face shape, figure and outfit. 

Perfect Necklace For Your Face Shape

If you read a lot of fashion articles, you already realise knowing your face shape is important. It helps you choose flattering hairstyles and makeup. However, it can also help you choose the perfect necklace. Although there are always some subcategories and variations, the main face shapes are oval, long and rectangular, round and heart-shaped.

The women who have an oval face shape are the luckiest in this category when it comes to picking jewellery. Their face is balanced throughout so they can wear any necklace without a negative impact on their appearance. 

If you have a heart-shaped face, shorter necklaces up to 16 inches will work best, especially chokers. They will create an illusion of a broader chin, giving you a more balanced shape. Shorter necklaces also work perfect on the long and rectangular face, as they will soften its appearance and make it look a bit wider. Those with round face shapes can opt for longer necklaces, as they help to elongate the look of the round face. 

Perfect Necklace For Your Figure

In general, women wearing smaller sizes and having smaller bust look best with long thin necklaces and layered necklaces. These designs accentuate the bust line, giving you a more balanced figure.

If you wear plus-size clothes or have larger curves, lean towards shorter necklaces. They tend to be more flattering to these body shapes. If you have broad shoulders or a wide neck, avoid very short necklaces like chokers. They will make the shoulders and the neck look even wider.

Chokers look best on longer necks, while they can be unflattering to short necks. Additionally, women who are shorter in height tend to look best with medium necklaces, which fall somewhere in the line of the collar bone. Longer necklaces tend to work best on taller figures. 

Perfect Necklace For Your Clothing

Another thing you can think about when choosing the best necklace for yourself is your clothes. The most important thing when choosing a necklace that complements your clothes is the neckline. If the top has a crew neck and boat neck, it will look best will a longer chain. The longer necklace will contrast these necklines which are high up on the shoulder. 

On the other hand, sweetheart, v-neck and other more open neckline designs look fantastic with shorter necklaces. You can opt for a simple chain or pearl necklace, or a shorter layered design. 

Finally, if you’re wearing button-down shirts, the perfect necklace will depend on how you wear it. A shorter necklace will look perfect if you wear your shirt buttoned up, especially statement pieces. If you like to leave a couple of top buttons unfastened, you can go for a longer necklace that falls on the top of the shirt. 

In the end, all of these tips are here only to help you understand why a certain necklace type isn’t flattering, even when you love the design. If you love a necklace, you can always make it work. Look at these tips only as guidelines – it’s up to you to try a couple of different things, and find what looks the best. 

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