Best Board Games For Children

Today, children are getting exposed to digital games from the earliest age. But board games are still fun for them – and much better in many aspects. Board games encourage children to play with their friends, and they can get the family together. They can also teach them about communication, solving problems and many other life skills, depending on the game you choose. 

Best Board Games For Children

Here are some of the top rated board games for children

Connect 4

The classic board game Connect 4 has more than 40 000 reviews on Amazon.  What makes it so popular is that it’s simple to set up and it’s easy for the kids to learn. The playtime is also short, which allows busy parents to get in some quality time with their children. It’s exciting for children, who love to compete and find new strategies to win.


Another classic, the Battleship game is fun for children of all ages. It’s perfect if you need a game for two, whether you have two children or want to play alone with your child. The game is quite easy to play, and can help your children learn strategic thinking. 


Operation is an exciting board game that has been around for years – and kids still love it just as much. It involves difficult bone removal from a toy patient, and a buzzer which goes off if you touch the metal. This game can keep children occupied and excited, as it gives them a challenge and is just as funny when they make a mistake. It also teaches them motor skills.


Trouble is a kids game – but grown people can also have fun while playing with them, and remembering their childhood. This game is designed for up to 4 people and can be played by younger kids too. The rules are simple so they can begin playing right away, but the game still keeps them interested and eager to win. 


The classic scrabble requires the knowledge of spelling and a big vocabulary, which makes it perfect for older children and teens. However, you can also get the Scrabble Junior, which allows children who are yet learning to read and write to play along. It can help improve their reading abilities, while still being fun and challenging. 

Guess Who

Dubbed the original guessing game, Guess Who can be just as fun for adults as it is for children. Reviewers say that their kids love playing the game, but that it also helps them with a variety of skills such as thinking of descriptive clues, asking questions and taking turns. The new version of Guess Who includes a much more diverse array of characters, including different races and ethnicities.


If you’re looking for a game that’ll get your kids moving, try Twister. The game has remained popular for decades and it’s suitable for kids of all ages. It requires a lot of movement, and can help children have fun while burning off a lot of energy. That makes it perfect during colder times when your children are not able to play outside as much. 

Richard Scarry’s Busy Town

If you’re looking for a game based on cooperation instead of competition, try this one. The objective of the game is to get your piece to the end of the board, but you can only win if everyone gets to the end. Since no one loses in the game, it’s perfect if your kids don’t like losing, or if you want to teach them about teamwork. Although there’s no winner, the game is still exciting, especially if you get creative with storytelling.

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