What Your Shoes Say About You

According to research conducted in the USA in Nov 2021, an American buyer spends almost $419 on buying shoes every year. This new purchase makes one happy and depicts almost 90% of their personality traits. Do you know what your shoes say about you? If yes, keep reading to confirm what you know. If not, this article has many interesting facts for you. 

What Your Shoes Say About You

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7 Interesting Facts About Your Shoe Choice

  1. Sports Shoes

If you like to wear sports shoes in your daily routine, you have great control over your emotions. You are less likely to be depressed and anxious. You have a jolly and down-to-earth nature. You are organized, confident, and determined to achieve your goals. You have the traits of multi-tasking, self-confidence, and caring for everyone around you.

  1. Sneaker Shoes

Your inclination towards sneakers shows that you are very intelligent and self-confident. You never miss the opportunity or the chance to grow. You are the center of attraction in gathering because of your adjustable nature. You are equally the friend of people younger than you and older than you. You are flexible and ready to explore more options.

  1. Trendy Shoes

 If you go with the flow of fashion trends in shoe choice, you like to buy new things for yourself. Shopping might be your favorite leisure-time activity. You are a strong-headed personality and know how to present yourself. You are an extrovert with a warm personality, and you like to go for outings with friends on holiday rather than staying in bed. 

  1. Comfortable Shoes

If you like to buy and wear comfortable shoes, you are not bothered by others around you. You are a good orator and can convey your thoughts precisely. You have a calm personality and a strong appearance. But you get worried quickly if your near ones are in trouble.

  1. Laces Boots

You are an introverted person if laces boots are your preference in daily footwear. You are short-tempered and don’t like gatherings. You are an intelligent and future-oriented personality. You never leave things on time; rather, plan before time. You always have an alternate plan before starting a project.

  1. Glamorous Shoes

If you think glamorous shoes are your choice of footwear, you probably are a talkative personality with an urge to stay the center of attraction in gatherings.  You are an outgoing and friendly person. You know how to deal the tough situations and stubborn people.

  1. High Heels

You have a high self-confidence level if you wear high heels most of the time. You like to maintain your professional appearance and love to be noticed at events. You are a very hard-working and goal-oriented person. Your great aesthetic sense compels you to appreciate beautiful people, things, and places around you. You have a cooperative and open nature.

The Ending Note

Although most people don’t care about buying new shoes as much as they do about buying new clothes, your shoes depict a lot about your personality. So, be careful in the choice of your daily wear. Also, write to us what type of shoes do you wear and how much you can relate to the traits of shoe choices mentioned above.

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