What to Do if You are Running Late for An Interview

You prepared well for a long-awaited interview. Searched the company’s website and gathered all the necessary information you think your employer might ask. You took the required dress code and the well-prepared documents file into consideration too. But you are seeing all of your preparations going in vain because you fell into an emergency and are running late for an interview. Don’t worry; our guide will tell you what to do if you are running late for an interview. 

What to Do if You are Running Late for An Interview

Let’s begin without a further delay!

6 Ways to Recover After Getting Late for An Interview

  1. Don’t Panic

You have already got late for an interview for whatever a solid reason. Panicking will only worsen the situation. Don’t lose your nerves and try to stay calm. Neither are you the first one who got late for the interview, nor is the situation out of control yet. Instead of overthinking, keep revising the important points in your mind because you have lost those extra five minutes to calm your nerves before the interview starts.

  1. Tell Them Right Away

Before reaching your destination, informing your employer in advance about the late arrival is a good idea. Be honest in telling the estimated time you would be reaching there. Don’t manipulate them by telling them that you will try to reach there as soon as possible. Tell them that you are 15 minutes or half an hour away from the sight. If you don’t have the direct contact information of your employer, open the interview invitation email or letter. You must find the employer’s contact details or their HR department. 

  1. Compose Yourself Before the Interview

Most of the job interviewers look for the reasonable behavior and confidence of the candidate. Your academics and grades matter, of course, but you will be trained for the work after winning the job. The first requirement is your composed facial expressions and a smile on your face. It is natural to have hysterical expressions because of the late arrival, but you need to compose yourself, pat your face, and set your hair before entering. Research says that the first 7 seconds are crucial for a good impression, so stay composed and give your best.

  1. Apologize When You Meet Them

According to Quora, the employers expect the candidate to mention the reason for reaching late for the interview and apologize. Even if you had informed the HR department or someone at the company before reaching, it is good to mention the reason again in front of the employer. Don’t beat about the bush, and tell the actual reason using appropriate words and tone. Also, apologize for wasting their precious time. Your tone should be apologetic but not submissive. Don’t overdo your apology nor lose your confidence. Mention the reason, apologize and move on to the interview. The employer will most probably accept your apology unless the job interview is for some position requiring time management.

  1. Give Your Best

Statistics show that 30% of the candidates lose their job because of low confidence, shaky tone, and confused facial expressions. Don’t lose your confidence. Let the gone be bygone. You are qualified and have prepared well for this interview. This is the right time to prove that you are the right choice. Don’t lose this chance by staying confused. If you stay confident and relaxed during the interview, your employer would know that you have excellent soft and stress management skills that would be a plus for you. 

  1. Thank Them Before Leaving

When you are done with the interview, don’t forget to thank your employer for sparing their precious time and also for waiting. It will leave a good impression. And yes! Don’t be overly apologetic. Just apologize in proper words before leaving. If you feel inconvenient, you can email them later too.

The Bottom Line

If you are running late for an interview, try to control your nerves, inform your employer in advance and be confident during the interview. Running late for an interview is not at all the surety of losing the job, just like arriving before time is merely a way to compose yourself before the interview. 

Stay Confident!

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