Unique Things to Do in Africa

By May 2021, 1.04 million tourists had already added up to the number of tourists for the year 2021. Are you planning your vacation to Africa this year? Well, Africa’s beautiful landscapes, safaris, and ancient wonders are ready to welcome you and make your vacation unforgettable. Along with visiting its world’s best tropical beaches, vibrant cities, and the longest rivers and deserts, there are some unique things to do in Africa for you. 

Unique Things to Do in Africa

Let’s uncover them!

5 Things to Do in Africa to Make Your Visit Fun Filled

  1. Meet The Sharks

How about meeting the world’s most feared white sharks this time in Africa? You can satisfy your thriller self on guided shark diving from Cape Town. Several tourist guides services are available in the town that provides a cage dive service from the coast of Gansbaai, a village near the ocean, for a whole day. You can dive into the ocean in a protected cage to get face to face with the white sharks, copper sharks, and the whales in their natural habitat.  Imagine how chilling and thrilling an experience it could be. 

  1. Visit the Ancient Prison

The next unique thing to do in Africa is to visit the Prison. Yes, you read it right. There is a place in Africa that was once used as a prison and a mental hospital later. In the middle of Table Bay, there lies an Island named Robben Island, once used as Prison. The Famous Nelson Mandela was kept in one of the prison buildings named Prison No. 7 for good 18 years. You can also book the visit to the island under the guidance of the person who was once kept in the Island’s prison. 

  1. Climb up the Alive Volcano

Half an hour’s drive from Goma International airport and to the north of Lake Kivu lies Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano that last erupted in 2002. Starting from the wet, flat and thick rainforests, you need to hike for almost 4 hours to reach the trail formed by the volcano eruption back in 2002. You might get a chance to meet the chimpanzees and blue monkeys on the way. From the steep trail, you will make your way climbing through the clouds. You can wait in the small A-shaped huts at the trim for the night to fall and enjoy the view of the churning lava lake. 

  1. Take a Trip to the Cradle of Humankind

If you are in South Africa, don’t forget to plan a trip to the cradle of humankind. A place full of million year old caves with the exhibition of stone tools and the Earth’s and human’s history. Visit Maropeng to get to know how the ancient humans lived in caves and cherish the beauty of the times you are living in. visit Sterkfontein caves with a friendly guide to look at the fossils of our ancestors and their animals. To add the thrill to your tour, you can go to ride the longest slide of 240 meters high at Ama Zwing Zwing Zipline tour. 

The Last Words

Collection of almost 50 countries, Africa is the most mesmerizing continent to attract tourists. There is no shortage of places to have fun, from vibrant cities to amazing waterfalls to a wildlife safari. We have tried to list a few of the many interesting things you can do while on your visit. 

Do mention to us in the comments if you liked the unique things to Do in Africa suggested above.

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