Morning vs Evening: Which Time Is Best To Exercise

Some people are early birds. They like to wake up early and go for a jog or swim or do some aerobics. It’s their daily routine and they like it that way. But it doesn’t work for some people. They like to wake up late and stay up late at night. They mostly start their daily activities in the evening so they like to have their workout or exercise session late in the day. The point is does it really make a difference working out in the morning or evening? Does it really depend upon the time you chose to do it? Here is going to find it out.

Morning vs Evening: Which Time Is Best To Exercise

According to science

According to science, more beneficial outcomes were noticed after the morning exercise session. Researchers look at more changes in the body, especially fat burning and glucose breakdown which brings more beneficial effects to the body. While on the other hand people who work out late at night or in the evening were noticed to have sleep disturbances. Because exercise increases your activity level and boosts your alertness which might cause problems in sleeping.

Edward R. Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine and professor in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation says; ‘Exercising late at night may interfere with sleep as it tends to energize you and enhance alertness, although some people like to exercise at the end of the day to help relieve the stresses of the day and prepare for evening activities, which is fine.

The best time to exercise is whenever you can

If you are a morning person and you like to start your day by engaging yourself in some physical activity then morning is the best time for you to exercise. Also if you are a busy person with a tight schedule and you are also concerned about your fitness it is better to make time in the morning and get done with your exercise first.

Where are people who do not follow the early morning routines and like to wake up late and like to do things later in the evening or at night they can do their exercise session in the evening? Whenever they can schedule it later in the day they can also do it at that time. It won’t harm them. The key point here is consistency. Whether you do it early in the morning or in the evening the key is to be consistent. take time out for yourself and for your well-being in your daily routine life and make it a part of your day. Because with consistency we can reach any goal.

Pros and cons of doing exercise in the morning

Some pros of doing exercise in the morning are:

-improve your sleep cycle

-help you establish a fitness routine

-can make you more productive

-can burn more fat

Whereas some cons of doing exercise are:

-physical performance isn’t at its peak in the early morning

-might be running low on fuel

-takes more time to warm up

Pros and cons of doing exercise in the evening:

Some pros of doing exercise in the evening are:

-Late day exercise can relieve stress

-body gets warmer as the day goes on

-might help replace bad habits

Some cons of doing exercise in the evening include:

-interfere with sleep

-the person might not be consistent

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